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Montreal Airport Bottleneck

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My partner in sin,The Ventura Vixen,is in La belle Montreal for the weekend,and it took him 1 hour to get through the customs gat at the montreal airport!

The last time I was there it was a huge hassle also,and no I have heard from a few friends here in Hooville about the same horrible mess-and this is after the Death March between the gate and the terminal,what is it-about 4 miles ;)

So I contacted the Dorval airport to complain,they said it was a temporary situation during renovation.

They also told me that the hours of 4-6 P.M. are the heaviest all days of the week and that if I could avoid arriving during those hours it would be less of a hassle.Unfortunatly,Air Canada has cut back and consolidated flights so that most non "inter canada"flights now arrive about that time.The nice man at the airport(sounded cute)said that they see 35% of incoming flights during this 2 hour period!

So,if you can avoid an arrival in Montreal between 4-6 pm it will save you some hassle.

Of course you can always relive som tension with on of the boys srom the Stock,Campus,Taboo,or the Backdoor later on!

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One hour and fifteen minutes is what it took me.


Then, I was in Taboo, and the airport was just a bad memory!


On a serious note, though, it is that 4 pm to 7 pm period that is bad (I arrived at 6). Travis arrived today at 2 pm and he went through in 4 minutes.

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