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Aaron Lawrence

Guest jc92103
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Aaron has not updated his site since August 31. This is very unusual for him. Have not recieved the video ordered or had any e mail response. Does anyone know if he is Ok. Perhaps he just needed a break. Kind of concerned.

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Guest IM_Moore

>Aaron has not updated his site

>since August 31. This is

>very unusual for him. Have

>not recieved the video ordered

>or had any e mail

>response. Does anyone know if

>he is Ok. Perhaps he

>just needed a break. Kind

>of concerned.


I was so concerned after reading your post that I called Aaron on his cell phone! He answered and all is well (for the most part as DeeJ notes). What is interesting to me, at least, is Aaron did not miss a beat. We never spoke before, he had no idea who I was and yet it seemed as if we had known each other for years! When I hung up I was wondering if he thought I was a complete moron as the call was so out of left field. Anyway, now I can hardly wait for him to travel west so I can hire him!

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Guest Aaron Lawrence



Never fear, I am just fine. As some of you may know, I was supposed to leave for Latvia the day after the WTC attack. Obviously that trip didn't take place. My assistant (who does my video shipping) and his boyfriend also came out and lived with me for a week, as they were temporarily evacuated from their place in NYC. That slowed down everything in my video business.


I sent out a note to this effect, but I was fairly depressed by everything going on. I went into a bit of a "funk" and didn't answer much e-mail or update my site after that. I'm feeling chipper again though and am now back to work. If I worried you by my lack of updates, I apologize.


On a humorous note, the fellow who called me (can't remember his name off the top of my head) noted that I seemed very personal and friendly. I would proudly like to point out that I managed this while in on the toilet in the dark in my bathroom, too! I had been expecting a very important call, and rather than risk missing it I brought the phone into the room with me. So when this fellow called I flipped off the light (to turn off the loud ceiling fan), and had the rest of the conversation in the dark during a rather personal activity.


Moral of the story? When you're good, you're good. : )




Ps, Look for an update to my website and anew column shortly.

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Glad to hear you're ok, Aaron. And I thought the bathroom story was funny. But I don't have one of those exhaust fans to muffle embarrassing noises, so I pretty much avoid the phone when on the can if I can help it. Again, glad you're safe and well.





>Never fear, I am just fine.

> As some of you

>may know, I was supposed

>to leave for Latvia the

>day after the WTC attack.

>Obviously that trip didn't take

>place. My assistant (who

>does my video shipping) and

>his boyfriend also came out

>and lived with me for

>a week, as they were

>temporarily evacuated from their place

>in NYC. That slowed down

>everything in my video business.



>I sent out a note to

>this effect, but I was

>fairly depressed by everything going

>on. I went into

>a bit of a "funk"

>and didn't answer much e-mail

>or update my site after

>that. I'm feeling chipper

>again though and am now

>back to work. If

>I worried you by my

>lack of updates, I apologize.



>On a humorous note, the fellow

>who called me (can't remember

>his name off the top

>of my head) noted that

>I seemed very personal and

>friendly. I would proudly

>like to point out that

>I managed this while in

>on the toilet in the

>dark in my bathroom, too!

> I had been expecting

>a very important call, and

>rather than risk missing it

>I brought the phone into

>the room with me.

>So when this fellow called

>I flipped off the light

>(to turn off the loud

>ceiling fan), and had the

>rest of the conversation in

>the dark during a rather

>personal activity.


>Moral of the story? When

>you're good, you're good.

>: )


> --Aaron


>Ps, Look for an update to

>my website and anew column


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