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PREMIER ESCORTS---Seeing Escorts Outside of the Bedroom

Guest stry
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I was told by one of Premier's escorts that they were strictly forbidden to associate with clients outside of the bedroom and that they would get fired for doing so. I asked for clarification to make sure that this included such things as taking an escort on a trip or taking an escort to dinner. It was AGAIN confirmed that these things were forbidden as well as recognizing or acknowledging a client in a bar or on the street and speaking to a client via E-mail or in the chat rooms. I was just curious as to how true this is. I would assume that many escorts do things without the knowledge of their employer. I have been asked MANY times to bypass the middleman and to arrange meetings strictly through the escort himself.

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Guest spendlove

>I was told by one of

>Premier's escorts that they were

>strictly forbidden to associate with

>clients outside of the bedroom

>and that they would get

>fired for doing so.

>I asked for clarification to

>make sure that this included

>such things as taking an

>escort on a trip or

>taking an escort to dinner.

> It was AGAIN confirmed

>that these things were forbidden


I suspect the escort you spoke to meant that escorts are not supposed to spend time with clients without the knowledge of the agency and without the necessary fee arrangements, since this undermines the agency's business. If he meant that the agency does not allow escorts to associate with clients outside the bedroom even as part of an authorized appointment, I know from personal experience that this is untrue.

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Your answer is: "it depends". (I assume you're talking about paid companionship.)


Some agencies (and I presume Premiere works this way) have a exclusive representation deal with their guys. If the deal is good for the guys, they're not likely going to risk fucking it up.


Other agencies are knowingly just "other publicity" for escorts who advertise elsewhere. Sure, these guys will ask you to bypass the agency next time -- to bypass the agency's cut of the fee.


There ain't no global rulebook for this stuff.

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Premier's rule is no contact outside the confines of the agency's

oversight. Trips, meals etc. are fine as long as Premier is involved. Most of thier escorts stick to the rules; they risk being fired if they don't.

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