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Well, most of the stuff he asks doesn't seem too personal. The only thing I would be careful is where it asks what you want. There might be some legal issues there. I wouldn't fill that out. Also, 24 hours seems like a long time for a response. I doubt most people want to wait that long for a response...

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I too was distracted by the lack of spell check. If they guy can't spell something as simple as "occupation" then what kind of job is he going to do on me? (Probably a half-ass job.)


I want more than a pretty package. I want someone who has the brains and intellect to match!!

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>they guy can't spell something

>as simple as "occupation" then

>what kind of job is

>he going to do on

>me? (Probably a half-ass job.)


You're kidding right?


That page was obviously built by an escort agency, possibly his, but possibly not.


Without further investigation, you're willing to say he's a lousy escort because he can't spell? (By the way, check what I've quoted from you, above.)


You hire escorts based on their clerical skills?


Honey, you're looking for a professional technical editor, not an escort. An editor makes your spelling look good. An escort makes your toes curl.


It's a different problem domain.

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deej, I think you may be missing something ...


JD was correct in stating that that the word "occupation" is spelled incorrectly on the web site - he just didn't quote the actual spelling which was used, namely "ocupation".


Normally I wouldn't comment on trivial mistakes like this which are, in all probability, just typos - certainly not if they occurred in email or in postings on a message board such as this, but when they are on a web site which is, in effect, an advertisement for someone's services I think that it reflects badly on the advertiser that they apparently didn't bother to spell check their copy.


I *do* think that they guy is really cute though ;-)

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