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Whats with HX classifieds on line

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Well, the kid here is preparing for his invasion of NYC this weekend, but he is totally miffed at HXs classifieds. THere are only 3 ads listed on line, and one the damn photo does not open. For that matter, the online ads at NEXT are so static, and frankly out of date, that NYC trails behind other cities with this helpful info. Anyone know what the problem is at HX online? I know they are only posting escorts who pay extra, but 3???

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Maybe the magazine feels that reproducing the entire rag online would reduce their print circulation (which is of course what advertisers are paying for). Maybe the magazine is having trouble translating traditional print deadlines and publishing schedules to web-publishing schedules. Many publications are having trouble making this transition and figuring out what business model to follow.


I've personally scooped Gay Chicago Magazine by *weeks* ON COVERAGE OF THEIR OWN EVENTS thanks to the web. Every print magazine is struggling with this right now.


Perhaps you should contact HX while you're there and find out. Let us know!

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I have emailed HX before and they are useless to be blunt about it. There is no big magic to posting most contents from magazines, but it is additional work for someone to do. It increases awareness and circulation of the magazine, and since these are freebies, it does not cut down on circulation and can in fact drive new sources of ad revenue.


If they were smart they would post the whole mag, including ads. The ads are very informative, even educational, for those of us from out of town, wanting club information, hotels, restaurants, and of course, studs!!!!

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> There is no big

>magic to posting most contents

>from magazines, but it is

>additional work for someone to



Easy to say for an outsider. ;-)


If they're still using traditional publishing techniques, sending stuff out to a typesetter and then manually doing paste-ups, the transition to the web could indeed be highly labor-intensive.


Even if it's all done electronically, through some PC-based software, there's no guarantee that an easy transition to the web is readily availabe.


And I still say their paid advertising (which is intended to land on your nightstand the next morning and hang around until your Mom visits) is what keeps them in business.


They don't all have great web programmers (me!) but they do have paid advertising. You dance with the one that brung ya.


I can totally understand why someone may not be able to pay big bucks for a web presence when their whole existence is based on print ads.

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