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Missing reviews

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Am I the only one this has happened to? I have only submitted a total of about 5 reviews over the past year. One, submitted and confirmed back in November 2000, has never been posted. The escort is still listed, but he has not received a single review since September 2000.


About a month ago, I reviewed someone who has 7 reviews already. Once again, I got the email confirming my review. So far, it has not been posted. There are other San Francisco escorts, however, with many more reviews that have had new reviews added within the past month. One of those states that the encounter occurred only one week ago.


So I'm left to wonder if I'm failing to do something on my end; there are glitches on HooBoy's end which cause some reviews to get lost; or, for whatever reasons, certain reviews intentionally get tossed. One of the reviews I wrote was quite mixed; the recent one was quite enthusiastic. Neither of them contained any inappropriate information.


Any thoughts, anyone?

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Guest Esc_Tracker

I think you should ask HooBoy and not us. Hoo doesn't often read the message board, so you can't expect him to answer you here. In general if a confirmed review hasn't been posted within a week, you should send Hoo a wassup? e-mail.



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Guest jeffOH

I've also wondered why some escorts with more than ten reviews

sometimes will have 2 or 3 posted at one time rather than being

spaced out as HOOBOY has stated. Even if they come in at the

same time, why aren't they spaced out as most other escorts are

who have 10 or more reviews? Just wondering?



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>I've also wondered why some escorts

>with more than ten reviews

>sometimes will have 2 or 3

>posted at one time rather

>than being

>spaced out as HOOBOY has stated.

>Even if they come in

>at the

>same time, why aren't they spaced

>out as most other escorts


>who have 10 or more reviews?

>Just wondering?



HooBoy has explained this one before. (And I've suggested he update the FAQ to reflect it.)


There are some escorts who have so many reviews pending they'll be posted sometime around 2005 if he follows the rule of separation. So when an escort is ready for a posting (i.e. past the 10-day or 30-day point) all pending reviews that meet other criteria get posted at once.


It sometimes seems an escort is getting new reviews posted more frequently, but usually they just got a new picture posted.

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Some time ago (you may have missed it) HooBoy announced that some escorts had multiple reviews in the queue and based on the spacing rules, some could be many many months old before they got posted. Therefore when he sees multiple reviews waiting and has time he may post more than one review on the escorts "date" according to the spacing. This was an attempt to clear out the backup and give us more timely information.


Hope this helps. :-)

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