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Club XL - NYC

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Not sure if I have the name/spelling exactly correct (mucho Vodka), but on both of my visits to this fine establishment there was a bartender working named di-card-a (spelling?) who is no doubt the reincarnation of a Greek god. All I can say is WOW, and if it happens to be Wednesday, I don't mean whip out your t-ts. Anyone know if this idol likes guys, and better yet, if he escorts???


The first floor and upper floor obviously have bars -- dumb question #1 -- anyone know what is downstairs????


Secondly perhaps an EXTREMELY stupid question (that would be #2 by my count) - in the restroom the famous troughs -- are they for p-ssing or washing you hands?





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I have a feeling you're going to be much liked on these boards. Where is this place? I may want to check it/him/them out :-)





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For the record, I seriously regret mentioning the first name of a non-escort on this board. While my comments were meant in flattery, I think I made an error in judgement and a possible invasion of privacy that was unintentional. My appologies for my stupidity, and my hope that I sufficiently butchered the name such that it us unrecognizable.


If the monitor would remove the name from my original post I would sleep better.

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