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SF Recommendations

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Only like two recommendations in all of SF? How sad?


Earlier in the week I asked for recommendations in SF for a friendly fun to be with, talkative (conversation) versatile guy. Or how about a good agency in SF. I got no replies -- how sad.

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Maybe people figured there are enough reviews on SF? I don't know of any agencies in SF. If you like I top guy, I recommend Jake Walker. Rick is super nice, if you don't mind small endowments...

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Hey, a super top with a small dick! I am sure that would serve many a guy who wants it but cringes when those baseball bat dicks come poking out.

Are you looking for an escort for dinner, theater (such as it is in SF), or any other nonsexual companion? Since you want versatile, that hints at a bedroom encounter.

Rick has great reviews, Andre was wonderful but I think he retired, Adolfo advertises as a masseur, but he is very sensual and erotic, and if his Latin eyes pierce yours, you may find a very interesting companion indeeed. He advertises in the BAR, phone 553 6348. Try the massage and see if the next encounter could be friendlier.

I will admit that a lot of the escorts there, with their lower than NY rates, turn out to be big disappointments. The above three did not.

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Well, to be fair, someone did ask you on your previous post for more specificity on what you are looking for and you did not reply. It is easier to give recommendations when one has a good idea of what the other guy prefers.


I really look for top guys mainly, so I don't know the "versatile" pool that well. I can highly recommend Steven, however. He lives in Portland but comes to San Francisco frequently. He has several reviews here and there have also been a few recent postings about him on the muscleservice site. If you like muscular, clean cut men, he's definitely worth an overnighter. He is versatile and a great conversationalist. He's smart and very funny.

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Guest TomBuStone

Hey Guys!


Tom Bustone, SF Escort here.


I have been looking at Troysters recent requests for info about guys in SF.


I must agree that Troyster's request is vague.


For what its worth, I'll volunteer that I'm a decently handsome, hung top escort (as in non-versatile sexually) in SF. My reviews in this website are real (Yes, from actual clients..) and while my reviewers have mainly focused on my endowment, I'm actually pretty good company, too. <smile>


I suppose that I could have called up a few of my previous clients to put in a good word for me but I prefer a more direct approach. <smile>


As for agencies in SF, I am not aware of any operating agencies at this time (although I could be mistaken ? ).

My understanding is that agencies in SF have had a history of trying to run drugs up with the boys and that usually triggers a law enforcement response. (The guys in SF all seem to really like their drugs) While I am open minded about recreational drug use, I do not myself imbibe and I'm unwilling to associate with an agency that opens itself up to such practices.

Of course, I've been accused of being a little on the paranoid side with other issues too, but that's okay.. <smile>


I took the liberty of searching the database for postings from Troyster. It appears that Mister Troyster likes to do LOTS of research in several different markets. Does Mister Troyster like to travel a lot? (I like warm topical locales myself.. hint hint) or perhaps we are preparing a 'best of' escort guide for different US cities? Maybe scouting for escort talent to form a nationwide agency? (I have such an imagination <ahem> forgive me..)


I agree that SF is a tough place to find a quality escort. I myself have had a wide range of problems trying to find other escorts to do doubles with: Guys on drugs and/or unable to perform, deceptive descriptions, inability to return phone calls or keep appointments, reliance on public transit or confined to city limits, HIV staus unknown (or worse, known and misrepresented), guys working with active STDs, a preference for unprotected sex.. etc etc..


Honestly, I believe that this website provides a TREMENDOUS wealth of information, ESPECIALLY for men seeking escorts in the SF Bay area. While I am keenly aware that the possibilty exists that occasionally an escort-written self-review might slip by, anyone with a brain can usually figure out the real deal.


If the reviews here aren't enough assurance, I suggest calling the men you are interested in on the phone. If you're a good conversationalist you can learn a lot about a guy on the phone (Does the guy seem real or more like a really slick salesperson?) Finally, if an escort shows up at your door and you don't like like his looks or feel the vibe isn't right, you ALWAYS reserve the right to say 'NO'. I encourage clients to confront and plainly TELL the escort if his description does not match reality. Do NOT feel obligated to give these guys a full or partial fee.


Personally, I like to give new clients a good 5 minutes to just sit and chat and get acquainted before making a decision. I WANT my guys to be comforatble with me. I WANT my guys to call me back. I want to have a good time MYSELF. I seem to have pretty good luck with this policy. I have been turned down 3 times in 3 years... each of those times the client failed to note my description as a tall lean runners build, 6' 155.. they were each looking for someone more muscular.


Troyster, I hope my note was helpful.


I'd love to hear from you.. give me a call.

If I'm not the guy for you, I might be able to refer you to someone else.


Who knows we both might learn something. <smile>




Tom BuStone

415-256-6743 pager voicemail

webpage at http://sites.netscape.net/sfbayhunghuge/pic

(keep trying doesn't always open the first time) <smile>

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Sorry if I was too vague guys.


Someone asked I wanted a bedroom encounter -- well there or any place else where we the human body can be explored and hard events and gushing results can happen! I would say we are not talking about theatre -- but who knows :-) But yes I am interested in a sexual event.


As for preferences versatility, personality, and non-clock watcher are high on the list. Go more for versatile bottoms. Looks don't like twinks or kids, but nice looking next door types, some muscle, some hair, and hair color of any shade except purple, blue, and other shades from bottles that we never found natually on a man's head or other body parts :-)


As for the travels -- the idea of a national agency is not bad. But unfortunately or fortunately, I travel a lot -- sort of like a traveling salesman of sorts. Yes I have asked about NY, Chicago, Toronto, and London and usualy enjoyed them all. Some of them were your recommendations and sometimes I made my own fun. (Use your own imagingation dudes!)


So now how about SF?


The one and only.....


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Boys-Next_Door is an expensive national agency, but they do have some cute guys... and one of them is a versatile bottom who lives in SF. Drew Peters is a beautiful blond boy, prefers bottom, nice personality, swimmer's build and boy next door looks. I actually flew him to another city to meet me, and he was a great travel companion. I would definitely recommend him... but he is not cheap (he has also done porn work and is very sexy in his latest vids)

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I just went through the whole SF list. As Tom Bustone mentioned, SF escorts are a problem because so many not only don't do in-calls (i.e. Jake Walker, Adam), but have no transportation of their own (i.e. Jake Walker). The only bottom I can personally vouch for is Rick, who's totally wonderful inside and out. The only thing is that he doesn't have a lot of body hair, and that seems to be something you want. You may just have to go through the reviews and take your chances.

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