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Bars in Bangkok

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Today's review of the Tawan Bar in Bangkok left me wondering. The reviewer states that "he" did not live up to what he promised, but describes nothing about his $32.50 full night with the man he selected. Ostensibly, he was reviewing the bar, and agian, what didn't it live up to? Sounded pretty good to me.

Given the bargain prices for companionship in Bangkok, and the availability of just about any Asian type of man, whether hunky, skinny, hung, and handsome, it is hard to complain. Many of the bars are sleazy, most of the on-premise rooms are filthy, but that's why you take a man to your hotel, or to the world famous Suriwong hotel.

The sheer quantity of bars, and the large number of available men, make Bangkok a great destination. AND, the Thai people are lovely, the scenery is great, the culture is unique, the food intriguing, and the prices cheap.

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Guest FirstPlace

>Today's review of the Tawan Bar

>in Bangkok left me wondering.

>The reviewer states that "he"

>did not live up to

>what he promised, but describes

>nothing about his $32.50 full

>night with the man he

>selected. Ostensibly, he was reviewing

>the bar, and agian, what

>didn't it live up to?

>Sounded pretty good to me.



I have noticed this in several reviews. In the one that you note above I feel the reviewer might have checked the box in error. As he was reviewing the 'bar' as much as a specific boy. In the other cases I simply feel that people do not pay attention to what they are checking off.


As for BKK it is a great place (as you mentioned). Aside from the heat and humidity that is :) There are boys all over the place and comapred to the economy in the states the fees in Thailand are very reasoanble.


I try to visit as often as possible. And not just for the boys... this is a very friendly country with a grand histroy.

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