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Jackie Collins reviews Todd/NYC

Guest Fin Fang Foom
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Guest Fin Fang Foom

This morning's review of Todd/NYC is so over the top, it borders on parody. I'm sure the guy had a great time and I'm glad for him. However, I always get a big laugh when guys write reviews as though they were Jackie Collins on a bender.


"His monstrous cock was piercing against my lower chest giving me ideas as to what there was in store for me."


"I now could barely touch the floor with my feet. god, I was being fucked and crucified by this hot hunk." (Now THERE'S a combination!)


"by now he was pounding my ass so hard and so deep that I could easily feel his cock head hitting the back wall of my chest." (This doesn't sound very healthy)


"I closed my eyes and suddenly felt like I was under a giant sewing machine." (Let's all take a moment and conjure that image.)


"Todd was sewing me to his bed with his huge cock that had now swollen so think that was turning me inside out. I was so full that I thought I'll explode." (Singer needs to rethink their marketing strategy.)


"His breathing got intermittent and fresh smelling man sweat covered his magnificent face." (This reminds me of an Irish Spring commercial.)


"I have no idea how my body held together and did not come asunder, but I am not exaggerating when I tell you I felt his cock all the way up in my chest." (He seems to like this image.)


"He did, and in the process squeezed my juices out of me like I had never cum before."


WHEW! Let's all have a cyber-cigarette!


Exhaustedly yours,



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Guest DCescortBOY

oh... my... god...

i had passed over the review earlier, but because of fff's post, i went back & read it. i SWEAR i laughed the entire time and for about 10 minutes afterward.


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Hi guys,Jeez that was written better than anything i have EVER read in a Jackie Collins :),it makes me ashamed to be european,what a pity that the escort involved really isnt that good looking,CHEERS Big A (london)

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Guest WetDream (Guest)

Don't know what you guys are complaining about. Isn't this experience the basic minimum we expect from an escort date? I usually don't bother writing a review for an "average" date. But then, my prose style is quite so refined or elegant. Thanks for pointing it out to us, FFF. It really got my morning off to a great start.

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