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Leo Masters Passed Away 6/22

Guest Matt Adams
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Guest Matt Adams

Leo Masters died of heart failure on Friday, June 22, 2001 while staying with his friend Vida Deville in LA. He died 9 days after being released from a 2.5 week stay in intensive care from alcohol poisoning.


Leo was a unique individual and lived his life in a reckless and carefree way. He performed in dozens of adult videos and had a penchant for transexuals.


Leo lived in Las Vegas for a short period last year and lived with Mario Roma for a short time. He then moved to Florida for about a year and moved back to LA shortly.


Matt Adams

Author of Hustlers, Escorts and Porn Stars


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Guest Tampa Yankee

Sad news to hear...


Leo left quite an impression on my mind -- the stuff that dreams are made of -- and on many others I'm sure. Do you have his age?


Very sad news...

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I remember once being at the club "Ripples" in Long Beach, CA about two years ago. They were having a male strip night with just three or four (unspectacular) strippers each doing a set down to a G-string. There wasn't much of an audience - the few there weren't paying much attention as it was sort of a dinner table setting. One of the dancers was slender and hot looking Leo Masters, whom I vaguely recognized the name of as being a porn star. I pulled out a few bucks to put in his G-string and his face lit up; I could barely hear anything over the loud music, but as he sat on my lap he said "you're a sweetheart!"


His manner revealed that he himself was a sweetheart. I hope he rests in peace.

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One could say you yourself live your life in a "reckless and carefree" way. Afterall, one could easily argue that anyone who continuously meets complete strangers to be paid for sex is most definitely living their life recklessly.


It's one thing to post an informative message regarding the demise of a well known escort and porn star, but it is another to include a tasteless and derogatory comment regarding that person in the same message.


Maybe you didn't mean to be derogatory, and maybe I'm just overreacting. Your posting just came across to me as very unkind.

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Guest Esc_Tracker

I don't think "reckless and carefree" was in reference to his escorting and modelling habits, but to abuse of drugs and alcohol. I didn't see anything offensive or unkind in the post.



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>I don't think "reckless and carefree"

>was in reference to his

>escorting and modelling habits, but

>to abuse of drugs and

>alcohol. I didn't see

>anything offensive or unkind in

>the post.




I didn't say Matt was referencing Leo's escorting. Actually, he was very specific about it being in regard to his life. I was simply pointing out that based on Matt's profession, one could make an argument that he too lived a "reckless and carefree" life. I'm not saying that I would agree with such a statement, but just that one could make that argument.


I guess the reason it struck me the way it did, was because to me it was akin to kicking someone while they were down (or in Leo's case, dead). And something tells me I'm going to be the lone ranger in this view. But that's OK.

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Guest DJPerez



It's interesting how words can have different connotations to different people. I didn't react with offense to Matt calling Leo "reckless and carefree". Who's to say that they weren't mentioned in a positive way? Why assume that "reckless and carefree" are negatives? Isn't it the "reckless and carefree" types that we always root for in Hollywood comedies?


I think Matt meant those words as a tribute, IMHO.


Peace & Pleasure!



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Guest LAPrada

I agree with DJPerez. I think Matt Adam's use of "carefree and reckless" was intended to be a tribute to Leo Masters (similar to James Dean being carefree and reckless, yet NOBODY would ever question those words for him). I cannot believe anyone would think Matt was trying to be disrespectful... jeeeez, Matt was his friend and posted to inform us.


AIM, I really wish you had not detered this thread into a bitter accusation or judgmental campaign. That's absolutely disgusting. I've never met Leo Masters, but obviously he has touched many people's hearts (whether via his porn days, escort days, or just everyday friends day). Can we just let him rest in peace without having people question what his friends (Matt Adams) remember him by?? That is the humane thing to do... continuous accusations and defenses are unwarranted.


Leo Masters... May You Rest In Peace...

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You're right. They could very well have been meant that way. And if that's the case, my sincerest apologies to Matt Adams.

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How I wish there was an edit key. Anyway, I have to say after reviewing Matt's post and trying to see it in a positive light as others have suggested, I'm sorry ... I'm just not buying it. Even if that means bringing upon myself universal condemnation from Hooboy and all of his cronies.


If that posting is suppose to be a tribute to a friend, then in my unhumble opinion, it is a piss poor one. NO WHERE in his post does he say he'll miss him, or that he's saddened by his death, or that it was tragic, etc. He doesn't even imply a friendship let alone ackowledge one!! The first and third paragraphs are sterile facts. The middle paragraph is the only subjective part where he describes him as "reckless and carefree." And you all interpreted this as a tribute to a friend?!


I don't think it was unreasonable for me to interpret it the way I did. And I have a hard time believing that I'm the only one who feels this way. If this was indeed a "tribute," surely someone who has authored a book could have expressed himself in a manner that would have left no doubt as to his intent.

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Guest Daddy-In-Training

<Smack> Daddy hears the "Edit" key wish, waves his magic wand and resets the conversation back to a resonable point in time.


Please remember that we attack the issues not the people. :o


-- Daddy

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

>I agree AIM... the the poor

>guy rest. No value judgement

>should be made!


Since when does stating a fact become a "value judgment"?


You know boys and girls, there ARE people in this world who live a reckless life and just because someone points this out doesn't mean that they have committed, what has become in the gay community, the #1 NO NO: "being judgmental"!!!!


And as for someone being dead: what difference should that make? I love how when someone dies suddenly (be it in a plane crash or the like), the person was always "wonderful and loving and etc.". I would love it, if for just once, someone would say: "You know, he was a nasty sonofabitch, nobody liked him and, frankly, I'm glad he's dead!"


But what I am MOST tired of is gays defending their idiotic behavior by saying someone is being "judgmental" if they tell them to get their act together.


Wearily yours,



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