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Guy of Vancouver

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Just so happens Vancouver is in my future... Based on your comment I looked Guy up -- he is hot but, unfortunately, a TOP!! (according to the review) Oh well.


Any recommendations for hot bottoms.

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You know as soon as i posted that I thought...'oh shit now all of my regulars are going to wonder why they didn't get one'.

hey what can I say, I can be generous. There have been many occasions where I've bought dinner, or gifts for clients, and on the odd occasion a special 'treat' so don't be suprised if it happens, but also don't expect it: )

Matt(feels like Santa sometimes... or is that Satan?)



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Guest Tampa Yankee

Easy Matt... Just kidding. Even escorts are allowed the gracious act of giving without a line forming... right guys. And in my view that little story just raises your stock another 50 points because I assess the man. (an aside comment -- we need to raise the ceiling on that damn property on Wall St. again.)


Anyway dictionary.com disabused me of the fact that I'm a regular...I fit precious few of the possible criteria.


So file me under irregular clients :-)






reg·u·lar (rgy-lr)



1. Customary, usual, or normal: the train's regular schedule.


I've been told (more than once) that I'm not normal...


2. Orderly, even, or symmetrical: regular teeth.


Nor am I orderly or symmetrical... teeth or otherwise.


3. In conformity with a fixed procedure, principle, or discipline.


I'm definitely a noncomformist... I can't get that different drum beat out of mh ehad!!!


4. Well-ordered; methodical: regular habits.


If I'm not orderly how can I be well ordered??


5. Occurring at fixed intervals; periodic: regular payments.


Definitely not fixed intervals though I'd like;



a. Occurring with normal or healthy frequency.

b. Having bowel movements or menstrual periods with normal or healthy frequency.


a. -- no way, frequency not healthy enough

b. -- I might qualify on one of the two -- take your pick :-)


7. Not varying; constant.


Maybe, best for others to assess.


8. Formally correct; proper.




9. Having the required qualifications for an occupation: not a regular lawyer.


I have to plead guilty here I guess, though I sometimes wish...


10. Informal. Complete; thorough: a regular scoundrel.


Complete? Thorough? -- I'm not sure who'd sign on to that but I suspect there are a few takers to the idea that I might be a regular scoundrel :-)


11. Informal. Good; nice: a regular guy.


I like to think I'm nice -- but a regular guy, I hope not, how hum-drum.


12. Botany. Having symmetrically arranged parts of similar size and shape: regular flowers.


Don't have ANY flowers last time I looked in the mirror.


13. Grammar. Conforming to the usual pattern of inflection, derivation, or word formation.


I'm sure there is differnce of opinion on this one!


14. Ecclesiastical. Belonging to a religious order and bound by its rules: the regular clergy.


Can't lay claim to this...


15. Mathematics.

a. Having equal sides and equal angles. Used of polygons.

b. Having faces that are congruent regular polygons and congruent polyhedral angles. Used of polyhedrons.


Does not apply.


16. Belonging to or constituting the permanent army of a nation.


Humorously applies.

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