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Anthony Holloway at TheJockClub.Com

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I received an e-mail from an online contact of mine directing me to this website:



(This guy likes being cryptic and doing Mission:Impossible type stuff, so i figured, what the hell...)


As the page loaded, I noticed a lot of HOT!!!!!!!! guys. You can send in 'sponsorships' and get passwords to see their nude photos. Imagine my surprise when I see none other dear old Anthony Holloway on this site. Now, I don't know about you, but after dealing with Nick for as long as I have, people like him and Anthony really piss me off. They have been allowed to prey on the gay community for way too long. I have written to the jock club: thejockclub@aol.com to express my displeasure at seeing this little con artist as a featured 'jock'. Anyone else for a little M4MER protest/boycott?





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This is the response I received from TheJockClub today:


First of all let me say that we at The Jock Club feel very strongly about

fairness above all else. Secondly we are not, I repeat ARE NOT an escort

page. What some of the guys on the site do or don't do in their spare time

is totally up to them. I would be wary of ever entering into a situation

where you pay someone for sex. Please understand your letter threatening to

"boycott our site" offends me greatl;y. This is not a commercial site. It

is a site where a couple of JOCK-TYOE guys post their photos for other people

to see. Anything you or your collegues may have read into it is purely

accidental. We make a point of saying ON EVERY PAGE not to give any members

any information about yourself or your finances. We also claim to not be

responsible for anything you give or take from a member. I do not judge the

guys on the site. And every member voted to have Anthony Holloway in. We do

not take him out simply because he may or may not have lived up to his end of

an already illeagal agreement. PLease accept our apologies for any wrong

doing that THE JOCK CUB has done.... other than that I cannot help you.


Austyn Biggers

run o' the mill college kid

and creator of The JOCK CLUB.com



In other words: I DON'T CARE. Apparently, TheJockClub.Com is just as eager to profit off the gay community as Anthony is.

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>Wow, you certainly are keeping an

>eye on this creep.

>The Anthony on Jock Club is

>your man?

>If so, I'll be sure to

>email them a complaint.




Wow..thanks, Dick! I figure since Anthony has ripped off so many of us, we should return the favor and deny him some potential income. I encourage anyone who cares to: write!

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Guest Nocturnal

CT - I don't think he was saying that Anthony was the Nick he is always talking about. I just think that Anthony is another guy Beware is trying to take to task. However, Anthony and Nick are not the same guy. Right Beware?

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>CT - I don't think he

>was saying that Anthony was

>the Nick he is always

>talking about. I just

>think that Anthony is another

>guy Beware is trying to

>take to task. However,

>Anthony and Nick are not

>the same guy. Right




That is correct, Nocturnal. Anthony and nick are definitely NOT the same people, but they are definitely the same TYPE of people. When I said that ANthony has ripped US off, I was speaking in the general sense of the word.

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