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Whats Wrong With This Site???

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There are several threads -- i.e., "Kiss N Tell", "Someone Has Lost His Head", "Moderated Forums", "Another BillyBoy Thread" etc. that explain why HooBoy was forced to start moderating the boards. x( Thanks to a mentally unbalanced former escort (who hates HooBoy and who is attempting to destroy him and this site), all posts are reviewed prior to posting. :'( They usually appear after a short delay. It's sad that one unstable individual was able to spoil things for the rest of us, but HooBoy really had no other option. x( Hopefully, the crisis will be short lived and things will get back to normal. In the meantime hang in there. All of us need to work together to bring this site back to what it once was and to what it should be.

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There are four of us monitoring new posts on a volunteer basis. We're doing everything possible to make sure that new posts are "dequeued" as quickly as possible.


Bear with us. Nobody wanted this situation. But, the survival of the board depends on it.

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An individual bent on destroying this board led to the need for moderated forums. Your messages will be posted after being reviewed. Now, before you freak out about this, here are the guidelines given the moderators:


"No slander, no libel, no revelaing private or personal information."


That's it!


Everything else sails through as soon as a moderator (I'm one of four) has a chance to scan them. Anything questionable is left for HooBoy to decide.


Why four? (so far) So we have the broadest possible coverage. Nobody can "live" on this board, so multiple volunteers should grease the skids a good bit (and hopefully cover multiple time zones).


Since some individuals have no self-control, this form of control was really required.

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Guest DazedBoy

Cut and Paste and Cut and Paste and Cut and Paste and Cut and Paste


I'll tell you what's wrong: the BillyBoy thing is incredibly boring and not only do some people here have to write 7 or 8 paragraphs, but others can't make a comment unless they cut and paste every damn thing that was just written before. BORING!

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