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Matthew #2 in NYC - I need a Dramamine

Guest Fin Fang Foom
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Guest Fin Fang Foom

What is going on with Matthew #2's reviews. A few weeks ago, he had a bad review, but now it's gone. Then, he got a good review a few days ago, and now IT'S gone. This morning, he's gotten another good review. Is this one going to disappear too or am I Ingrid Bergman and HooBoy's Charles Boyer?


(Let me be clear, I am NOT accusing HooBoy of anything - I'm one of his biggest fans. I'm just wondering if I'm hallucinating.)

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Guest Jason Coxx

I don't think your hallucinating I noticed that same thing. A few days ago he received 2 good reviews but now they are gone. In addition, I think I remember a negative review that was posted a few weeks ago. I could be mistaken about that negative review but I'm sure about the 2 good reviews that were posted just this week.


Jason Coxx



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Guest albinorat

>but Albinorat is such a credible



ooooooooH! Bait. I shouldn't rise to it. Hooboy has to answer for his site and what appears, doesn't appear and disappears. I have no idea.


I had a good time with Matt. Let me emphasize "I". I have also had lousy times with some very popular escorts here (but did not write bad reviews). And I was introduced to one of the most popular escorts and thought he was at least ten years older than he claimed, shorter than he claimed and on the whole rather homely. I did not hire him and I won't identify him, yet he always gets rave reviews. And I have to assume most are not by him and reflect real experiences by men with different tastes than me.


My point is I wrote the review because I enjoyed myself and was surprised by Matt's combustible sexual energy. I used a few "code words" -- *big personality*, "takes what he does seriously*, *'tude*, *analytical*, *chatty* -- those things did not bother me, they might bother someone else. That's why I put them there. If you're a slam bang client who wants to get off quick and who doesn't like conversation he's probably not totally your type. Though I'll emphasize that he was not chatty to run the clock as some escorts I've met are.


What the review is worth is this: Matt showed up on time, looked like his description of himself and that means very handsome, has a big especially thick dick that works, was spanking clean, and seemed to enjoy sex. He did not "clock watch". His "big personality" ended up being rather funny and engaging.


T with two LL's said he wasn't his type physically, no escort is everyone's type, that's not a flaw. T with two LL's was reporting hear say. But friends have told me of poor to bad experiences with escorts I ended up enjoying and vice versa. There can be many reasons as is often discussed here. Mood, chemistry, chemicals (I don't "party" and there was no evidence Matt had before meeting me), vibes, and physical fatigue, let's not get into bad hair days, dementia and sociopathy.


Matt delivered for me in spades and that's what I said. Whether he's for you is another issue. I found him pretty clear about his interests when we talked on the phone and he was consistent in person. By all means let's look for subsequent reviews and see what they have to say. Bottom line, Matt isn't a phoney or a rip off and has skills aplenty -- which is all an "escort review" can really convey.



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Guest Nocturnal

Well, Finn, you are not the only one that noticed it. I think his photos are fantastic. And, I am sure some guys have had fun with him. I want to meet him myself. However,I do wonder what happened to that horrible review. Thanks for mentioning that Finn as I thought my age was getting to me.

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Guest DickHo

>ooooooooH! Bait. I shouldn't rise to



It wasn't meant to bait you...Matt is my type and I have been wanting to meet him but was afraid 'cause all the negative reviews. Now, with your review, I'm gonna hook up with him as soon as I can. Will report later...

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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON May-12-01 AT 09:40AM (EST)[p]Ok, Messrs. Ho and Noc...


Here's your misson should you chose to accept it...


Take Matthew #2 around the track... give him his head around the first turn, let him open it up in the stretch, and pay partciular attention to the strenght of his finish . Let us know if you sense any chance of his bottoming out. Your assessment of his potential for a triple crown winner, please!


This message will...



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Guest CuriousGuyinNY

>>ooooooooH! Bait. I shouldn't rise to



>It wasn't meant to bait you...Matt

>is my type and I

>have been wanting to meet

>him but was afraid 'cause

>all the negative reviews. Now,

>with your review, I'm gonna

>hook up with him as

>soon as I can. Will

>report later...


Let me say: I finally was able to meet Matt. WOW. All I can say is the good reviews are, um, ACCURATE! Except he didn't seem into deep kissing, as Albinorat stated he ways. Maybe it was his mood, but it did NOT detract from the experience. He is a GREAT STUD: charming and HOT. Funny thing was, at the end, he asked where I had heard about him...I was almost not going to tell him this is where I found him. He asked me NOT to write a review, even though it was positive, saying he didn't want attention attracted to him...So I won't I guess, but I had to say this much! ;) CGINY

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