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The Truth About Me

Guest DannyDamonSF
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Guest DannyDamonSF

LAST EDITED ON Apr-11-01 AT 05:16PM (EST)[p]Hi,

I'm Danny Damon and there's been so much speculation and heresay about me. I want to set the record straight. I am a recovering heroin addict, but I'm always safe so that shouldnt be an issue. I did want to be a girl and did take female hormones, so that's true, too. I have some breasts, but they aren't that noticeable. Also, I asked asnboytoy to write the false reviews. He was just helping. I hope you guys can give me a second chance after all this. There, I said it.

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-11-01 AT 05:45PM (EST)[p]Enough already!


In one of the other Danny Damon threads, Bilbo made the following plea:


"HooBoy, I don't know if it is possible, but please ask Daddy to do something in the software which would make return to this site from that particular computer impossible."


This is probably not possible with a dialup service such as AOL or Compuserve, so lets hope that this particular computer is connected to the net via DSL or a cable modem. (Those two services assign unique IP addresses to their users -- regardless of what screen name they happen to use.) That way Daddy will be able to assign a permanent block against future posts from this user.


If that's not possible than I implore you (and anyone connected with you) to please stop toying with us and go away and stay away. Thank you.

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Guest shadow

Since I know that it will be very unlikely that I will be in the west coast anytime in the near future; and ever if I were there are plenty of escorts to choose from; I'm more than content to seat back and watch this drama unfold.


Is Danny for real?

Is AsnTopBoy for real?

What will be the final impact of this?


Be ready for another thrilling episode:

same Bat time

same Bat channel



Maybe I went just a little over the top,

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Guest albinorat

>Umm, Justice, I believe Danny was

>being sarcastic & trying to

>make light of the drama

>that has been created around

>(but not by) him.


Sorry, I agree with Justice. Hoo boy probably has the low down and has only hinted that nothing was what it seemed with this fellow. Meanwhile it is hardly credible that Danny did not know his "defender" was being abusive, sexist and vicious, telling lies that were easily uncovered (about his ceasing to escort when someone found him offering services on AOL), and evidently speaking for Danny (while denying he was doing so).


It's possible this is yet another impersonator. But either scenario is rotten. No attacks were made on Danny, nothing nasty was said about him, Hoo boy tried to defend him, the concerns were based in reality and some were for him.


A response this hostile suggests he's being represented by some unstable, undesirable person, or is such himself, or has drawn someone like that to this board.


All scenarios are rotten. If you are "Danny" do yourself a favor and take yourself out of the scene for a while. You're "my type" but there's no way I'd hire or even contact you given what's gone on, I have to assume with your full knowledge. If you're in some weird co-dependant relationship with someone pimping you, get out of it or get help and I mean that. Making fun of us does you no good, does not enhance your credibility and only hurts you.


I think everyone is sick of this; but it is an abuse of this board which I think has potentially serious repercussions.



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