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The Truth About Danny Damon

Guest AsnBoyToy
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Guest AsnBoyToy

LAST EDITED ON Apr-11-01 AT 06:03AM (EST)[p]I want to come clean and write the truth about the sham called Danny Damon. He is a homeless heroin addict whom I was trying to help get off the streets. He isn't a student at UC Berkeley, he never finished high school. He has breasts and a fat untoned body because he wants to be a girl/tranny and took hormones for over a year.


I tried to give him a good reputation by writing fake good reviews of him. All the reviews posted thus far were fake and written by me. Apparently, Hooboy found out and took them down. Check his reviews and you'll see.


Why did I do it? I was trying to save his life. He was turning tricks off of Polk Street for $30, and was on the verge of landing in jail or overdosing on heroin. He was sleeping on the streets, and I was desperate to give him some positive reinforcement, and I'm really sorry about the sham. All letters by him were written by me. All the people who called him spoke to me. I simply delivered Danny to their hotel or home.

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-11-01 AT 05:42AM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-11-01 AT 05:40 AM (EST)


Why should we believe ANYTHING that you say?



>All the people who called

>him spoke to me. I

>simply delivered Danny to their

>hotel or home.



In the original Danny Damon thread, you took strong exception to someone who called you Danny's pimp. Although I don't believe anything that you happen to say, it sounds like there's a VERY strong possibility that that's exactly what you are.

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Guest Esc_Tracker

RE: The LIES About Danny Damon




I never thought I would have to do this, but:




Whatever the truth of what you say, you have either broken or expressed a desire to break every rule underpinning this site.


You have lied.


You have misrepresented yourself.


You have posted using numerous fake personae.


You have viciously and, by your own admission, unfairly insulted other list members.


You have have sent in deceitful reviews.


You have posted an escort's real name (or purported to do so).


You have trashed said escort, revealing (or purported to do so) truly personal information which would be of no one's business but his own.


This is beyond mere enabling here. I won't talk about Danny's problems since it seems we can only catch glimses of them through the cloud created by your warped lies. You, however, should run, not walk, to the nearest councelling service. You may rationalise your behaviour as "just wanting to help Danny", but read my list of sins above and ask yourself who is the *real* sociopath in all this.


Stop trying to justify yourself or pour your heart out to us. We are not interested. Get off this list and get some help, NOW. This is a consumer protection service, not a therapy message board.



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RE: The LIES About Danny Damon


LAST EDITED ON Apr-11-01 AT 08:41AM (EST)[p]I am afraid that I must agree with Esc-Tracker,


And further, you have accused yourself of using a site which is largely to help protect clients from abusive escorts to knowingly promote sending them into physical danger.


HooBoy, I don't know if it is possible, but please ask Daddy to do something in the software which would make return to this site from that particular computer impossible.



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