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Danny Damon/verifying escort's age?

Guest Traveler
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Guest Traveler

After seeing Danny Damon's (SF) review, I looked at his website, and man does he look young (or should I say boy does he look young?)! Although one of his pictures is taken in front of University of California, Berkeley's Sather Gate, implying he's a student there, I would feel very nervous hiring him. I've never hired someone who looked so young, and I'm wondering what precautions one should take when hiring someone who looks like he could be a child.

Would it be out of line to ask to see a partially-covered driver's license showing at least the year and the escort's face? I'm curious about responses from both the escorts' and clients' perspectives. Would an escort see this as an unreasonable request? Have any clients attempted to verify that their escort was indeed an adult? I mean, hiring an escort can be risky enough without having to worry whether he's even reached California's age of consent (18)!

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Guest EvilSwine

Heh heh..wow...he DOES look young. Much like the bag boys at my regular supermarket....No need to be a Brian from "Queer As Folk".

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Guest safesane

There's probably more than a handful of guys reviewed on this site that look younger than this Danny Damon dude.I travel often & think I've practically checked out every state on Hooboy's place here.You'll be surprised in the real world how many guys in their late teens/early 20s truly look like high school material.

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Guest DazedBoy

He is a stunner, I'll say. Very cute pics on his AOL page, wonderful lips. Maybe we could all start a fund to ship this guy to George DuRoy and the BelAmi gang, and share in the profits. A community project, our American contribution. Very patriotic.

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RE: Danny Damon/escort's WARNING


Some items in respect of this guy and review do not stack-up, firstly searching his AOL homepage editting shows that he only made up his and screename at 5.00pm PST on the 15th March, Profile on the 16th March and pics on the 17th March, and now we have a review on-line by the 19th March. Is that a record ! , I know Hooboy has drastically speeded up the review posting but it appears some people are now managing to hire and file reviews before the guys starts escorting. I also noted you are required to advise your phone number before any contact from the escort. I am just a little unsure about this escort and review guys.


Would prefer a few more reviews before taking any action, hopefully I will be proved wrong.

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Guest Consultant_online

RE: Danny Damon/escort's WARNING


LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-01 AT 01:57PM (EST)[p]>Some items in respect of this

>guy and review do not

>stack-up, firstly searching his AOL

>homepage editting shows that he

>only made up his and

>screename at 5.00pm PST on

>the 15th March, Profile on

>the 16th March and pics

>on the 17th March, and

>now we have a review

>on-line by the 19th March.

>Is that a record !


When I read the review and decided to look at the AOL profile address listed there, I found that the web page had actually not been completed at that time (Monday 11:00 AM, Central Time.) The web page you see now was not even finished until sometime on the afternoon of Monday the 19th. Prior to that you could actually get into the underlying directories and poke around in the image files.


Also, the review says that the meeting took place on February 15th, and that the decision to meet was based in part on pictures (probably e-mailed?) that are dated March 17 on the web page. And the profile is dated March 15? Curious.


This young man looks about the same age as the boys in my high-school nieces' sophomore class. I would certainly be tempted to card him and be looking over my shoulder. Some people like them pretty young (or at least young-looking) - is this pushing the envelope? Is anyone concerned that posting pictures (even G-rated ones) of such a youthful looking escort on the site might attact unwanted attention to this site?

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Guest Tampa Yankee

RE: Danny Damon/escort's WARNING


Who knows what the real story is here??


First reviews often strike me as an escort's announcement that he's open for business and what his preferred specialities are. This obviously isn't always the case -- as known counterexamples, I have provided a few firsts myself. Nevetheless... one recent first time review struck me as a business annoucement. I don't really find it too objectionable if... it is a first review and it stops there. After that it is a quesiton of 'salting the mine'. I don't take first reviews all that seriously in general, nor any single review for that matter, unless it is a known reviewer.


As far as the time sequence... it does raise questions, but the explanation may lie along the line that this guy was an AOL freelance newbie who got started in chat rooms and decided this was good money, then got his act together online. (BTW, the date of the encouter is given as Feb 15, 2001.) Then again, maybe not -- who knows??


Bottom line is always do your homework and exercise caution in your dealings. As for carding him... definitely.

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LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-01 AT 01:14PM (EST)[p]While I sympathize with the idea that one doesn't wish to contribute to the delinquency of a minor, I have always been under the impression that escorts went to some pains to remain anonymous due to the stalking as well as the legal consequences of their occupation.


It strikes me as somewhat peculiar that one is demanding proof that someone is old enough to engage in an illegal activity.


This is not to say that I'm not horrified at the idea of children being seduced into a life of "sin and degredation" due usually to a) clash with parents, b) drug addiction, c) financial constraints, and d) indifference by we adults who are supposed to be protecting them.


If it appears that someone one is about to engage an escort who appears under the age of consent rather than covering your ass by checking their probably fake id, then fucking them, the decent civilized thing to do would be to inquire whether they needed help (and there are many agencies, shelters, etc out there that do that) and if the sense is that they do, providing it.


If of course they seem street wise, utilize safe sex and seem like they can take care of themselves (fed clothed and housed) and simply look twelve, have a ball.


As regards Danny Damon specifically, like most college students and cops he looks VERY young, but I've become used to the idea that that is a function of aging eyes on my part.



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Guest Consultant_online

LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-01 AT 02:10PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-01 AT 02:07 PM (EST)


Sorry about the date mixup, by the way. Will new contact lenses serve as an adequate excuse?


>It strikes me as somewhat peculiar

>that one is demanding proof

>that someone is old enough

>to engage in an illegal



IMHO, it isn't peculiar if you think about the relative penalties provided in the law for simple prostitution vs child molestation or statutory rape. The differences in the way the two crimes are treated in law and in society are not at all trivial. And yes, I have seen several other very young looking escorts on these pages, and yes, I do like that age group. As George Burns put it so aptly when he was about 90: "I liked 18 year olds when I was a teenager, and see no reason to change my preferences now." This young man has to be the youngest looking one I've seen on the site so far, but that could also be aging eyes. I knew I was getting old when I realized my doctor was younger than I was.



>This is not to say that

>I'm not horrified at the

>idea of children being seduced

>into a life of "sin

>and degredation" due usually to

>a) clash with parents, b)

>drug addiction, c) financial constraints,

>and d) indifference by we

>adults who are supposed to

>be protecting them.


Just looking at the pictures of Danny on his web page, I see a young man who is well dressed, neatly groomed, clear-eyed, and almost certainly not living as a street hustler. To set up a phone and a web page and put yourself in business as an escort at 19 requires intelligence and some sophistication - enough to have obtained a fake ID if he wanted one. I doubt anyone seduced him into it, although some one may have shown him the ropes to get started. Perhaps that first review is an "open for business" announcement, since the web page came up after the review was published.


Which leads me to another direction on this topic: a lot of the youngest guys (18-20) who get into escorting seem to leave the profession very quickly. I would love to hear from some of them as to the reasons for this: is it burnout, emotional overload, school pressure, family finding out, boyfriends, or? How did you get started in the first place: a friend who was escorting or ?



>If it appears that someone one

>is about to engage an

>escort who appears under the

>age of consent rather than

>covering your ass by checking

>their probably fake id, then

>fucking them, the decent civilized

>thing to do would be

>to inquire whether they needed

>help (and there are many

>agencies, shelters, etc out there

>that do that) and if

>the sense is that they

>do, providing it.


Back about 25 years ago when I was young and foolish I used to pick up a lot of street hustlers in Boston and Miami. Many, but not all, were runaways; a few had been outright abused. Some of them were in fact under the age of consent; most did not have the sophistication to come up with even a half way decent fake ID or did not care so there wasn't much point in checking. In at least two cases I can remember, I fed and talked to a kid, put him up for the night, and brought him home to his folks in the morning. One ran away again and came back to my apartment in the middle of the night, and I took him back again in the morning. Most of them would not have gone to a shelter or agency if I had tried; they had been through the system and wanted no more part of it, preferring the "freedom" of life on the streets, as rough as it was, to the alternatives. I'm sure the problem is even bigger today than it was then, and the streets are probably a lot less safe.


>If of course they seem street

>wise, utilize safe sex and

>seem like they can take

>care of themselves (fed clothed

>and housed) and simply look

>twelve, have a ball.


I will never forget one kid who peeled off three layers of pantyhose under his jeans when I brought him in off the street on a freezing February night in 1974. He stayed with me on and off for almost three years, finished high school, and went on to art school. It was a different time, though: I wasn't afraid the neighbors would turn me in as a child molester (the ones who knew thought it was good of me to get him off the street) or that he would bash my head in to get money for crack, and he wasn't afraid I was John Wayne Gacy. I don't think you could do it today, though, which is too bad for all parties.


Traveler: This one is so cute (not everyone's taste, I know, I know) he might make me break my rule about never going to a city only to see a particular escort. Sigh. I hope he'll last long enough for me to get out there and see him. I kept telling myself to go to Boston and get with Brett, and now he's "retired." Card him or not if you will, but if you do see him, PLEASE tell all for us old voyeurs.

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Guest fedssocr

Oh c'mon. You guys don't honestly think this kid is under 18 do you? To me he looks like a 19 year old like he says he is. I certainly wouldn't be carding him. And I wish I lived in SF. :-) He does look too good to be true!


As for all the "investigation" into the dates of his website and profiles and everything... I dunno, I guess I'm just naive, but I don't think any of that proves anything. Other than the fact that he's just starting out. I only get one photo on his website, the same as the one posted here. The review is positive but not overly effusive. I would be willig to give him the benefit of the doubt. Seems like so much mistrust would inevitably lead to a very bad time as I'm sure it would totally throw off any chance for chemistry.

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Guest Esc_Tracker

His web page is geared to internet explorer which is why you are only getting one picture. The others are OK but they don't add much. They are all above-waist, clothed, and g-rated. Frankly, I would want to know and see more before hiring him, even if I lived in SF. Like they say: "Take it off, Danny!" ;-)



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I also got the impression that this first review was written by Danny himself. He literally just popped on the scene and chat rooms in SF very recently and he had this site in his profile and then a review popped up. I chatted with him briefly and got the impression that this was new for him.


Just my opinion of a "business announcement" as a first review. I concur with a previous poster.

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Guest Traveler

I agree, that first "review" seems to have been written by himself. I'm very curious now to see the first real review. Or you guys could hire me to get the real scoop! :-) How about you all contribute $10? In any case, I won't do anything with him until I see a driver's license with his face and the big red "NOT 21 UNTIL 2003" warning. He can cover his address and birthdate if he likes.

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Guest DazedBoy

I just think that when it comes to internet boards like this, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is, and I thought it was suspicious that on the very morning his first review is posted, you check out his aol web page and there's only one link listed, to this site.

Danny-boy, if you're REALLY for real, sweetie, I'd go out on a limb and safely say you could triple or quadruple your rates.

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I am just surprised that with all this speculation about his age, his integrity, etc., the boy himself hasn't bothered to post a response of some kind. I know he knows about this site because, as has been pointed out, his brand new website links directly to here (a little strange). Lots of possibilities, but unless the new found publicity has kept him engaged and busy 24 hours a day for the past few days (which is possible if he really looks like his pics), it would behoove him to respond in some way.

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Guest Traveler

>I am just surprised that with

>all this speculation about his

>age, his integrity, etc., the

>boy himself hasn't bothered to

>post a response of some

>kind. I know he

>knows about this site because,

>as has been pointed out,

>his brand new website links

>directly to here (a little

>strange). Lots of possibilities,

>but unless the new found

>publicity has kept him engaged

>and busy 24 hours a

>day for the past few

>days (which is possible if

>he really looks like his

>pics), it would behoove him

>to respond in some way.



It has occurred to me he might be with the cops. I mean, if he works out of SF, I know that the DA Hallinan said he doesn't go after prostition that's kept off the streets. I don't know about other cities around here, though. I would be very cautious in hiring him. He definitely looks like he might be underage.

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Guest DannyDamonSF

Hi Guys!

Wow! All this fuss over little ole me. I'm very, very flattered. Hooboy clued me in with an e-mail that tongues were wagging about me.


To be completely honest, I've always been surprised when people have called attention to my looks, because I was raised to believe that "pretty is as pretty does". Personally, I've never thought of myself as anything special-looking, just OK and not too painful to look at. I guess I happen to have a look that's really marketable right now. As a 19 year old sophomore at Cal Berkeley, I don't think I look particularly young when compared to my peers who are the same age. People who are around my age can usually guess how old I am fairly accurately.


Perhaps the alarmingly youthful impression is due to the relative lack of escorts who are close to my age. Who knows? I'm only speculating. I want to emphasize, however, that it never hurts to be cautious in this business, whether you're a rent-boy or a client, so it's certainly very wise to ascertain whether an escort is legal or underage. Any discussion that increases such vigilance is commendable, even if I'm at the center of it all.


I want to assure Hooboy's loyal readers that I am indeed 19, and that I am the genuine article. Also, an enormous thank you to everyone for their compliments and interest (blush). I appreciate it very much. Ultimately, I hope all this fuss leads to making many more of you Hooboy readers into my satisfied customers in the near future. Please contact me for a date if you're ever in Frisco.



Danny Damon in San Francisco

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Guest trekker

Very entertaining discussion, but not much in the way of answering Traveller's question, which IMHO is important. Notice that even Dannyboy in his lengthy response didn't answer it. (And let's ignore the silly philosophizing about whether it is appropriate to try to find out if someone is of legal age to commit an illegal act, or how many minors can dance on the head of your cock.)



>Would it be out of line

>to ask to see a

>partially-covered driver's license showing at

>least the year and the

>escort's face? I'm curious

>about responses from both the

>escorts' and clients' perspectives.

>Would an escort see this

>as an unreasonable request?

>Have any clients attempted to

>verify that their escort was

>indeed an adult?


I think this is right on and appropriate. Why not? The client is entitled to verify the information put out by someone he plans to hire, and also to protect himself. And I can't imagine any escort taking offense or considering it unreasonable, UNLESS in fact he is lying and is underage. And young-looking guys who really are of age must be used to it in bars, buying cigarettes (God forbid, but some people do), and in other places. Chances are some other john has already asked him to prove his age. I have never run into that situation myself, but it has come up as a question in my mind in the past, and I would not hesitate to ask the escort to show me something first thing on meeting him, before saying anything else. Especially these days, with all the set-ups. He can cover the name/address, but there is no reason not to show you the pic and birthdate.

(Whether you would want to go through with it if he is underage is a very different question that I won't touch, at least not now.)

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>>Would it be out of line

>>to ask to see a

>>partially-covered driver's license showing at

>>least the year and the

>>escort's face? I'm curious

>>about responses from both the

>>escorts' and clients' perspectives.

>>Would an escort see this

>>as an unreasonable request?

>>Have any clients attempted to

>>verify that their escort was

>>indeed an adult?


>I would not hesitate to

>ask the escort to show

>me something first thing on

>meeting him, before saying anything

>else. Especially these days, with

>all the set-ups. He can

>cover the name/address, but there

>is no reason not to

>show you the pic and



If someone is going to start escorting before they reach the age of consent, then there's a very good chance that they're going to use false identification.

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There was an actual honest to god 16 year old working as an escort on AOL in Atlanta. I never hired him or had sex with him, but I found out from some local escorts that he was indeed 16 and was advertising as such. He eventually changed it to 18 because even though there was a lot of interest, most potential clients were scared to hire him, fearing a police set up (but some did). He didn't bother with a false ID though, if someone asked, he fessed up to his real age.

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Guest trekker

>If someone is going to start

>escorting before they reach the

>age of consent, then there's

>a very good chance that

>they're going to use false



Some will, some won't. And a lot of the fakes are easy to spot (homemade or not well done). If it is a fake, then he probably won't try to hide the name/address, since it's not really his, and that may be a tipoff too. So you won't spot them all, but at least you'll get many, and that's better than none. Also, it protects you some that you made all reasonable efforts to check. If he lied and backed it up with a real-looking false ID that's about as far as anyone can be expected to go. Also if it's a setup they can't lie and use a false ID, so asking for one is a way of protecting against that. Nothing's perfect, but do what you can.

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