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a wee question

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There was a discussion several weeks ago about Billyboy's mysterious disappearance and whether he had in fact retired. If I recall his roommate posted a reply that seemed to indicate that there was a lot left unsaid as to the reasons for his retirement.

ABout the same time, it became apparent that Luke Sterling, another well known midwest escort, has also "disappeared" and had apparently retired with no explanation or word. It makes you wonder what has happened to these guys. I know they owe none of us an explanations of the reasons behind their retirement, still it would be nice to know. I think both will leave a void and will be missed.

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I am the one who initiated the thread on Billy's vanishing act a few weeks ago. His roommate did contact me, but didn't give me details. I still wonder what happened and, BTW, so does HooBoy himself....Where are you, Billyboy?

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Guest jackson6

NASAguy, I have to agree with you that Billy's retirement will leave a great void in the escort scene and that we are not owed and explanation. I don't think Billy will write an explanation due to the history of being thrashed and cut down for his sincerity and honesty in past postings. He had quit posting on this site long ago for that very reason. I do know his retirement was not a quick decision, rather something he had been contemplating for the last six months.

Luibit, instead of "wondering where is Billy", we should just say thank you to him for all the warm and wonderful times he has given us. We should wish him well in his new endeavors and pray the the future brings all the fortunes and happiness he will ever want.

Billy, thank you and good luck, good health, and good fortune to you.



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I love Billy and had great moments with him. My questions came from my concern about his disappearance. He certainly doesn't owe me an explanation (or anyone else for that matter), and I was not expecting one. I was (and still am) simply worried that something bad might have happened to him, and wondered if I could help him in any way. I hope everything is fine with him, and I sincerely wish him the very best. Peace.

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Just a brief little input into the discussion here....


Many guys escort because they need the money, and do not consider it a full-time career. Thus, their disappearances should not seem odd in the least. I'd suggest that there are plenty of escorts (myself included) who consider themselves fulltime escorts - a career choice. Stick with them if you seek longevity and consistency.





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Although you post is insightful, I might point out that billyboy and Shamus, as well as Stephan, were all full time escorts.

Men come and go in this business,there is unfortunatly a shelf life. One day, we will all disappear, and a new crop of young fresh asses, um I mean faces, will take our place.

matt(still in his best before range)



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Guest Billyboy

It's really hard to let people know what's going on when you are rushed to the emergency room and then in the hospital for a long time. My roommate finally told me about all these questions. People always did think the worst of me and never took my genuine sincerity for its worth here. And when bad happens, they assume the worst. My roommate took care of my website and my correspondence as best he could, without breaking any confidences.


But yes, I have grown tired of certain things, and part of it is the behind the scenes stuff here that no one knows about. The clients have no idea what the escorts have to go through with this site. But I've got my health to worry about now, I cant afford another bout in the hospital.


Sorry if I seem bitter, but no one realizes what the escorts go through, it seems. extortion hurts.

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LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-01 AT 02:39PM (EST)[p]I am glad to hear from you, Bunnyboy, and particularly happy to find out that you are doing well after your ordeal. You know I love you and wish you the very best. E-mail me whenever you feel like it. Is there anything I can do?



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Guest Consultant_online



Sadly we never got to meet, but I was very impressed during our e-mail and phone conversations leading up to our planned date at my home. I found you to be forthright and professional, and was looking forward to meeting you. I was disappointed to receive your cancellation message, and am somewhat ashamed to admit I thought I had been "dumped" for reasons that were beyond me. Please accept my apology for even thinking that way. As we've seen recently in this forum, other escorts have suffered tragedies in their lives, and they did not feel comfortable sharing that information with their public. The public then is left making incorrect and unfair assumptions that the escort in question is rude or arrogant or worse. Judging by the tone of the postings in your case, I think people who kenw you were genuinely concerned about you.


>But yes, I have grown tired

>of certain things, and part

>of it is the behind

>the scenes stuff here that

>no one knows about. The

>clients have no idea what

>the escorts have to go

>through with this site.

>But I've got my health

>to worry about now, I

>cant afford another bout in

>the hospital.


>Sorry if I seem bitter, but

>no one realizes what the

>escorts go through, it seems.

> extortion hurts.


That "extortion" sounds pretty ominous. Is there anything you are willing or able to share publicly that might help the readers / posters in this forum understand? Is there anything anyone can do to help?


I wish you the best.

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Guest AllAmerEscrt

LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-01 AT 08:59PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-01 AT 08:55 PM (EST)


I know it may sound odd comng from a complete stranger, but I just wanted to let you know I hope you are doing whatever you need and feel is best for you! I can relate to some of the things you are hinting at about this "site" / line of work. I have not ever really retired per say, but i have taken extended breaks from time to time just to keep myself "sane", if that is possible. I do not say this to put anyone down, but I see some guys who really don't think about the bigger picture, only the next "trick" = $$.

Like I stated, i know we are total strangers, but I hope your health is good and you are moving on in a positive direction.




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