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Best Wishes to Jeremy

Guest CampusMike
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Guest CampusMike

Campus would like to say goodbye to one of our best and brightest, Jeremy. He has chosen to retire from escorting. He has decided to give up escorting and move from New York City and begin to have wonderful adventures abroad with someone he cares about deeply. As Jeremy has been a personal friend of mine way before I started this business, I only wish him the best in all his endeavors. Good luck my friend!


Jeremy wanted me to thank everyone that he has met over the past few months and to thank everyone for making this experience with escorting a great one for him. He had only kind words to say about all of the people he has met over the past few months, and he is sorry that he could not personally say goodbye to each person he has gotten to know. His heart is full of love for his friends here.





Campus Escorts


Phone: 212-489-2353

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Guest shadow

>Campus would like to say goodbye

>to one of our best

>and brightest, Jeremy. He

>has chosen to retire from






Is it just me, or are the great twinky escorts in the North just disappearing now?


First, Aaron of Boston reveals his true age and name (both of which I knew when I use to see him) and succumbs to his drug problem. {I wonder if he ever started back to escorting? He was one of the first escorts that I had ever seen back before I started writing reviews}


Then, Toby of Philly starts getting bad reviews.

Next, Brett of Boston retires.

Then, Ray of Rhode Island retires.


Now Jeremy of New York retires.


Who's next?



As for Jeremy, I'm sorry that I did not get the chance to meet with him, but I always wanted to. Good luck to him.

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RETIRE? Sorry guys, but this is not the right word or concept for a studmuffin. Get your lingo righto. I doubt Jeremy is going to be putting on the white pants, white belt and shoes to golf in Orlando. He is just changing condoms, and not carrying around credit card forms. Could free lancing be another term, or simply going fuck-free?

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jeremy was not really cutout to be an escort; he was not mentally "hardened". he was a very sweet kid who had alot of debt from school loans and needed to pay them off. the money he owed was constantly on his mind. we should be happy that he has found someone who he loves and loves him back so he can move on with his life.


i did several overnights with him and i am sorry that i will not be seeing him again. i doubt that he will be free lancing as suggested above. he was close to mike at campus and greatful to him for taking him in and giving him a job. after college, when the student loans started to come due the pressure on him was huge. he was litterly homeless when mike gave him a place to stay. jeremy appreciated this act very much.i have only talked to mike on the phone when making bookings and do not know him personally, but i would like to say "thank you" for helping jeremy out when he needed it.


before the cynics jump in, jeremy was not escorting when mike took him in and did not start until after he had been there a while. things were so bad for jeremy at that point, he was going home with guys from bars each night just to have a place to stay. for those of us that are well off, we need to cut these guys some slack. escorting is often not a job of choice.


i see one of the top escorts on this board on a regular basis. he likes escorting; he has a desire to please people and because he did not get affection as a child, he enjoys the affection he gets in the job; he is an exhibitionist, too. these traits are a good match for him being an escort. also, the fact he loves sex helps.


so when someone retires, lets be thankful that that person is probabally doing something better and something that fits with him mentally. good luck jeremy; i pray you have found someone that realizes your value and potential and that you find happiness. i'll miss you.

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