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To Stephan LaCoste: ? about Eboy Cody

marc anthony
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Guest Stephan-Lacoste

"Hi Stephan: I know that you are "retired" but that you still administrate the eboys site. Cody is extremely cute. Does he escort? If so, some information would be greatly appreciated, like stats, email address, his location, etc. Thanks in advance!"


>Is Stef retired? I have

>gotten the impression that after

>he went through whatever it

>was that he went through

>(and of course that is

>his business and requires no

>explanation) that he is

>now escorting again. Am

>I correct or not?



Dear Marc, Cody is not an escort as far as I know and for privacy I can not divulg his information until I ask him the question. Yes Cody is gorgeous and Will be in a video soon. But I'm sorry I can't help you more than that.


Now "Beware", you made me laugh, and I thank you for it.

Didn't you realize that the post was about Cody on EboysVidoe.com ? And not about me being "Retired"

I can't not believe that, everytime there is a post , someone has to turn the subject to a different direction which has nothing to do with the question.

Well we need everything to make the world right ?

So what about posting a new post about it. God I can't believe that.

Well it seems some people out there need to know more about my retirement.

I don't have the time right now to write more but I will post something about it if that will make your day

thanks again.



Stephan Lacoste



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I am glad to have given you a chuckle, Stef. It's my pleasure. And I will admit to a little curiosity as to the conditions of your retirement (and certainly have my own theory :o)), but don't feel like you owe us an explanation. I certainly don't expect one and I DO mean that. You have been a breath of fresh air on this board with your charming presence and honesty. If you choose to keep your reasons private, I don't think there is anyone on this board (well maybe Kenny69..I mean Anthony Holloway..no, Kenny, no Anthony..) that will press you for one. We're just glad you're here!

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Guest Stephan-Lacoste

>I am glad to have given

>you a chuckle, Stef.

>It's my pleasure. And

>I will admit to a

>little curiosity as to the

>conditions of your retirement (and

>certainly have my own theory

>:o)), but don't feel like

>you owe us an explanation.

> I certainly don't expect

>one and I DO mean

>that. You have been

>a breath of fresh air

>on this board with your

>charming presence and honesty.

>If you choose to keep

>your reasons private, I don't

>think there is anyone on

>this board (well maybe Kenny69..I

>mean Anthony Holloway..no, Kenny, no

>Anthony..) that will press you

>for one. We're just

>glad you're here!


I'm in a better mood now. I appreciate your nice comments.

by the way you wrote your post, I though you were attacking me personnaly....I was wrong. The first feeling I had towards you were just right.

I guess you are not the only one having a little idea about me being "retired". But to tell you the true, I rarely having things to hide and this is my problem. I'm being too much open.

I'm an honest person and will always be no matter what.

Merci encore..



Stephan Lacoste



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Thanks for your response, Steph. Of course, I do not want to invade Cody's privacy without his consent. But tell him he is very cute. As for you, you are also a wonderful person... I can tell that just by reading your posts and hearing your insights. Not to mention that you aren't so bad to look at yourself!!! :) Your boyfriend and your regular clients are lucky people!

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