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Guest Kenny
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On another thread that discusses Independent escorts vs Agencies, Stephen from Maximum Escorts posted a great response, indicating how much time they spend in matching clients with appropriate escorts and how professional they are in providing customers with utmost satisfaction. I viewed their website and was amazed at how gorgeous most of their escorts are. Quite frankly, they look so good that you wonder if the pics are "genuine"......not airbrushed (they do indicate when a tatoo has been removed and none have faces shown). Has anyone out there hired any of their escorts and did they live up to expectations? Particularly interested in Alex,Troy,Scott,Ross. I am a face man and none of their faces are shown. Therefore, please, if any first hand experience with any of above, please describe your "review" of them and how their faces look. I am seriously considering hireing them.

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>On another thread that discusses Independent

>escorts vs Agencies, Stephen from

>Maximum Escorts posted a great

>response, indicating how much time

>they spend in matching clients

>with appropriate escorts and how

>professional they are in providing

>customers with utmost satisfaction.


My very first experience with an escort was with an escort named Kyle who all too briefly :-( worked for Maximum. I used their fantasy service to act out a very detailed, very specific fantasy (I even specified the kind of clothing, including the type and color underwear, that I wanted the escort to wear and they went above and beyond the call of duty to find the right guy for me. (They actually asked as many questions as they answered. Since this was my first time, I was very nervous and had a lot of questions.) I was more than satisfied with their service and would recommend them to anyone. That being said, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to point out that there has been a few negative posts about Maximum. (Use the Board's search feature -- include all forums, all fields and archived posts in your search and use the results to make an informed choice about your selection.)


> Has anyone out there

>hired any of their escorts

>and did they live up

>to expectations? Particularly interested in

>Alex,Troy,Scott,Ross. I am a face

>man and none of their

>faces are shown. Therefore, please,

>if any first hand experience

>with any of above, please

>describe your "review" of them

>and how their faces look.

> I am seriously considering

>hireing them.


I just did a quick search of the reviews. Ross has three very favorable reviews. He sounds hot.


Finally as I noted at the beginning of this post, my date with Kyle was my very first experience with an escort and I was VERY nervous. I don't know if this is Maximum's standard practice, but Kyle asked for his money up front and then told me that he had read my e-mail, but that he needed to "hear in your own words what you would like to do this afternoon". I almost bolted when he made that remark. I was 99% convinced that I had somehow managed to become caught up in an undercover sting operation. Everything turned out ok and I had a very good time. I would use Maximum again, but the request was very unnerving to say the least.


I say do you research and then go for it. Enjoy.

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Hi Kenny,

I met Scott about a year ago and he was very good looking. It was my first experience with an agency and it was a very good experience. The guys at Maximum were very friendly and professional and Scott, oh my, he was just what I was looking for. I have referred a lot of people who read my column to Scott through Maximum and without exception, those who have seen him wrote to thank me.


I only saw Scott two times. He went away and when he came back, his rates (and Maximum's) were higher. I have a mental block about paying $250 an hour, so it's my issue, not anything wrong with Scott. If he had maintained his rates, I probably would have continued seeing him at least once a month.


Not only is he very good looking, he's also a really nice guy. I think you'd enjoy him.

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Guest youngblood

I fully understand and am sensitive to all of the reasons that an escort may not want to have his face shown on a website which advertises escorting services, HOWEVER, it is because of a bad experience with Maximum Escorts that I will never again hire an escort without first seeing a face picture.


At the time, I told Matt that I was into kissing and that a handsome face was very important to me. Though beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, there was no way that the escort which HE matched me up with could ever be described as having a handsome or good looking face. (The body was exactly as pictured on the site)


When I called Matt later to express my disappointment, he told me that other clients had said the same thing about the same escort, but he was the only available escort at the time which I had requested.



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Maximum is first class in all of my deals. Have had a few misses on guys but it was the guys more than Maximum. No one is perfect on making a match nor knowing in advance what mood the guy will be in when he arrives. Example of the the top rated guys arrived and was all business -- he clearly wanted to get it done. It was fun but it was business. I saw him a while later and he was less rushed and a lot more fun! Same guy different setting.


Don't know much about Alex (yet) but Troy, Ross and Scott all rate a big :-)


By comparison I have found Maximum better to work with than another well known NYC agency which I felt lied to me and pushed what they had available as opposed to telling me the truth.


Guess each person has their own experiences though .....

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Guest Kenny

This is to inform all who have responded above with their advise/experience that I was in NYC this weekend and contacted Maximum. Based on above comments I requested Scott and was told that he didn't work on Fridays. My next choice was Troy and also told that he wasn't available on Friday. It appears that these 2 guys only work Saturdays? My next choice, Ross, was available and when I mentioned my requirement that he have a nice face, (I'm really a face man) was told that Ross met all my requirements. I decided to give him a try.

Ross showed up at the appointed time and WOW. He was all I anticipated and not only did he have the "looks" but he was a completely charming,affable man who immediately put me at ease (I was nervous). I am looking forward to my next visit to New York and my next encounter with Ross.

I want to thank everyone above for their advise and comments and I want to thank Ryan from Maximum for his suggestions that I would like Ross. My e-mails and tel calls to Maximum were very good and I recommend them.

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Guest buttlvr

Since there is discussion about this agency, can someone tell me what the pricing structure is like. Are all of their escorts priced the same? I also heard they have an in call service, is this a different price?

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I did an incall with them a couple of months ago. (I used their fantasy service which may have resulted in a higher than normal rate.) They charged me $250, which included an additional $25 for the use of their incall location -- an apartment West of Times Square. The apartment was clean and I felt safe there. (It may have been my imagination, but I thought that I got a very dirty look from one of their neighbors as I was leaving.) There's no buzzer, so the escort has to come downstairs to let you in. (Which means that you get a good look at him as he comes down the stairs. ;-)) I understand, however, that they may have stopped using that location. (The press recently reported that the NYC police raided a straight escort service's incall location -- an apartment in the East 50's -- so the report that Maximum stopped using the apartment may have some truth to it.)

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