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Nomination for best escort website

CT Dick
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LAST EDITED ON Jan-14-01 AT 08:23PM (EST)[p]Will Clark's website has a VERY informative and conversational feel, but Matt #4 in NYC has my vote for most interesting Escort website. It's not very informative but technically it's really appealing.


Jon Ramsey http://www.jonramsey.com had the first Escort-themed website I found that was less about the usual "check out my big dick" rhetoric, and more of a sales pitch on why he's a good and interesting man to spend time with. There are LOTS more of these now (Aaron Lawrence, Me....).


There are two basic themes in escort webpages:

1. "Come suck my dick (or fuck my ass, or lick my muscle, or...)"; and

2. "These are the reasons why I am a really cool guy"


Matt's Site is so refreshing because it's nearly unprecedented. It gets my vote.



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Guest Tampa Yankee

>Matt's Site is so refreshing because

>it's nearly unprecedented. It

>gets my vote.



Very intriguing, indeed. It grabs your attention and just doesn't let it go -- the best I have seen and that includes some great ones.

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I would agree that Joey's site is striking because the pictures are different, more forms of art than "hey look what I have between my legs!" (as Rod Hagen so nicely put it - and Rod, your page isn't bad, but your graciousness in pointing out others' pages is another plpus for you).


Joey's photographer (and I assume the site owner) has a series of interesting photographic concepts, using light, colour, and other techniques.


It helps too when people "update" websites every few months or so, even if adding calendars or a few new pics.

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-15-01 AT 10:38PM (EST)[p]>It helps too when people "update"

>websites every few months or

>so, even if adding calendars

>or a few new pics.


This got me thinking: what do you gentlemen think those of us who take short trips for individual clients, but do not Porn Star style tours, and therefore lack a calendar to update, should do to periodically improve our websites?


What new information and content would you like to see (besides the obvious posting of new pictures)?





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Hi Rod,


I guess it depends on the time element. I suspect that on some occasions when an escort travels to another city, he may have some extra time on his hands, and advertise for more work (and pay off some extra shopping??).


My only concern here is the client who paid for the ticket roud trip, and some other clients get the benefits without the ticket expense. [To readers... I confess, soon I'm flying Rod someplace for an overnight... but he and I leave for the airport - and separate destinations - the next day, so ROD IS VERY HONEST IN THIS.].


Updated pics are something which peek a possible future client's (and past client's) interest. Not nexcessary that they be "bare-it-all" IMHO, but something current.



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i bring in escorts for the weekend and do not mind if the escort adds on extra days in my town(at a hotel at his expense or another client's home). it does not cost me extra and makes the trip more financially worthwhile for the escort. it helps him average out the wasted time he spends in travel and staying in one place longer is physically easier and helps get over the jet lag effect of travel. it really helps the escort out and has him looking foward to return trips. it is a "win-win" situtation.


posting a calendar is a good idea. i like a site without all the gimics; i like fast loading and information provided as to what to expect and good pictures, not necessarily nude but a face shot is appreciated. updating is important; some sites have the same "current" pictures and escort's age for years!

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When I posted my response to Rod, I also added a comment in brackets as I have hired Rod for a one-day trip to a destination away from l.A., and I wanted to be clear to readers (and Rod) that EVERYTHING was above board in this - Rod even steered me in the direction of the most reasonable tickets. AND we leave for the airport at the same time the next morning...


Rod, don't know why my comments were excised, but I used the square bracket sign and it may have actually cancelled the comment.

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Guest Joey Ciccone

>posting a calendar is a good

>idea. i like a site

>without all the gimics;...updating is

>important; some sites have the

>same "current" pictures and escort's

>age for years!


My site updates with new pics every two weeks or so (in fact, I'll be rotating the current group off either today or tomorrow).

I agree that gimmics do bog a site down, and things that blink and flash are just plain distracting. But a website should be an ever-evolving thing. Like a living breathing entity, it should undulate and change, expand and grow. However, like a living being, it needs attention and nurturing for that growth. To avoid web atrophy, updates are essential, but should never compromise the original concept of the site (providing the original concept was a sound one).

Effective changes can be made on the subtlest of levels. Just as a real persons' gestures, mannerisms, or comments will effect others in the physical world, so too can small, almost impercievable changes effect the very mood of a site. Such as the substitution of a font, or altering the color of some text, or the colors of the backgrounds. If there aren't alot of images to rotate, move images around within the site, and maybe think about increasing the number of pics in your inventory. Keep it sharp and elegant. If your site doesn't look good, you don't look good. Hey, that's good copy, and good copy will take a site a long way (but stay away from anything as deriritive as the aforementioned).

If your site is laden with promotional text, change it once in a while. If you're in love with it's message, bust out your thesuarus and say the same thing using different words. If you're married to it and wouldn't dream of changing a single comma, then write something new above it. A simple daily or weekly greeting might do. "How ya'll doin' out there!!" Try and steer clear of daily jokes unless they're side-splitters every one of 'em.

You've just got to fool around with it. I've found that the more often I get in there and tinker with it, the more often the opportunity to make meaningful change will present itself. Just be careful. There's sometimes a fine line between tinkering and dismantling. Try and get a second or even third opinion before finalising any but the simplest of changes.

I offer all of the above to not just escorts/site owners who emailed with queries, but to anyone curious about updating a site. I do so not because I'm a pompous ass who knows all there is to know about web design (i know nothing but the obvious), but because I've spent much of the last ten or twelve years working as a freelance designer (and escort) who's contributed work to hundreds of magazines, interactive CD's, and websites worldwide.

I hope it helps, and I hope I'm not inundated with mail telling me to take my lame advice and shove it up my already overcrowded poopshoot.

Thanks to those who've said I have a nice website.


joey ciccone


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Joey I have something to shove up your poop shoot instead: )

love your site, very interesting, and great design.

I'm one of those guys that never touches my site, it's basically been exactly the same since it went up almost two years ago.

But I do plan on updating it soon, just have to find the time...as you know I'm now a bankable commodity: ) so I'm soooooo incredibly busy that i can't even find time to breathe let alone create a new web site.

This is a joke for those of you without a sense of humor.

matt(likes the mental image of joeys poop shoot sliding down on dickzilla: )



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Guest Joey Ciccone

>as you know, I'm now a bankable commodity:


Really? No, I didn't know. When the hell did that happen?

How cum I didn't get to vote? Stop the proceedings!!!


>Joey I have something to shove

>up your poop shoot instead:


God, I hope it's not that unwieldy trophy of yours.


>matt(likes the mental image of joeys

>poop shoot sliding down on

>dickzilla: )


What a great photo op! Call me.





p.s. congrats to you and everyone who won anything!

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