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Buenos Aires

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Ahhh, Buenos Aires! Where to begin?


First, you might see if there's anything on http://www.altosex.com. You can also look at the classifieds in Clarín, the largest newspaper. I can't remember the rubric, exactly. It's "Masajes" or "Relax" or something like that. They have the most extenisve listings. Of course, they're in Spanish.


There is considerable street cruising, including rentboys, on Av. Santa Fe between Pueyrredón and Callao after about 9:00 p.m. As you're facing downtown (the direction the traffic is going) you want to be on the right-hand sidewalk. Your experienced eye should be able to pick out the love for sale. Along Av. Sante Fe, the cafe El Olmo at the corner of Pueyrredón often has some guys who are obviously for rent. Like between ten and midnight, but sometimes earlier. Further down the street is another cafe (El Trebol, if I recall) where a guy named Walter holds court most evenings with a small retinue of his rentable guys. One block parallel to Av. Santa Fe, to the right, going away from the river, is Av. M.T. de Alvear (usually called by its old name, Charcas). There are often rent guys cruising there, too, around 9:00 p.m. onward, also between Callao and Pueyrredón. If you're into that, during the day you might get lucky cruising the T-room at Retiro station.


Nights, I've heard there are some guys at the Contramano disco. A bar called Gasoil has elaborate strip shows, usually Thursdays (late, like almost everything in B.A.). You'll want to sit at a table, but hanging out along the walls and at the bar are usually some of the guys who've appeared in other shows and are, um, available for a price. When I was there this July, the guys seemed to lean toward the steroid muscle boy type, which doesn't ring my chimes especially, but certainly rings 'em for lots of others. You'll want a cab to get to Gasoil. These places are listed in the Spartacus guide, or on these websites:


http://www.cibergay.com and http://www.elsotano.com.ar.


These are both in Spanish.


Hope this helped. Have a wonderful trip and report back on your adventures!

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LAST EDITED ON Dec-26-00 AT 00:49AM (EST)[p]Just got a good report from my spies in B.A. about a new place called the Bar Alvear, at M.T de Alvear 1461. Restaurant service available. Go dine (late by American standards, not by Argentine customs) around 11:00 p.m. As I understand, they have strippers working and circulating while you dine. As my friend said, you can be spearing a carrot with your fork while fondling a different one as it strolls by! Presumably arrrangements can be made with these guys for "dessert."


If anyone goes, please report back on the actual experience!

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