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Window-Shopping in Big, Bad São Paulo!

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For a Xmas treat, go to http://www.netboys.com.br


Click on the green "Quero Prosseguir" band, or the "Entrar em Netboys" in the upper right hand corner, to enter the site. Click on +Netboys at the bottom of the page for more views. Just a little eye-candy for hire in the Southern Hemisphere! Yum! These guys are in São Paulo, possibly the world's greatest undiscovered gay metropolis. As enticing as these men are, there are equally good looking guys in the saunas mentioned in my world-famous review in the International Escorts section of this site. In case anyone's thinking about escaping the cold, disgusting Northern Hemisphere right about now! :-)

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-11-01 AT 02:47AM (EST)[p]HEY guys

MY boyfriend and I just visited Rio and based on Trilinguals

world fam0us SAUNA review . We had the adventure and Fanatsy of our 6 years together as couple. I am 39 and he is 32 aand we make a very nice pair.

We were like kids in a candy store.

We have only had encounters with escorts and have found it the best way to keep our dymamic as a couple intimate. We can expolre our sexual fantasies togrther and we are always part of the fantasy. We got off on our partners excitment over these men and it creates or completes the fantasys we share.

AND THE BOYS or men I should say.

No one attempted to rip us off they were all quite friendly as TRI said but found his statement about condoms and lube innaccurate

especially in Rio. First things the guys did was handed us condoms and Lube.

we met 5 boys ,thre first was a real manly top with a cock that was not to be passed by.

he buried his face inour butts and truly was overcome.

he fucked both of us repeatedly and became as errect as telephone at the site of as making out.

and then proceeded to use his 9 by7 inches the way some guys wish they could.

the next two were bottoms one boyish and the next so manly so big and beyond sexy and to my initail dissapointment was a bottom

but boy the way had a ball ramming him to his delight was a hard act to follow.

Finnally there was Andrea a man with the most perfect bod 5' 9

and 185 , dark, beautiful face and a cock while at first seemed like it should have been bigger. but as soon as he started with us it was evident he was highly attracted to us got rock hard to a good 8 thick uncut inches and proceeded to take care of both of us.he moaned and grunted with the delight.it ws so good he offered his phone neumer and wanted to visit at hotel the next day ...and he sure did. at lesat 4 boys approched us when they realized he was doing that they wanted the join and badly.

we had fun he was vey sweet despite his overwhelming beauty

I kid you not. He was supioror.


Then of course there was the one which cost nothing . not that we felt like we felt innappropriate paying those guys.


But we met one of my faveoritee KB Porn stars on the beach and he offered to come to our holtel

i thought i was in hesaven and he had a bigger body than nowthan his films and was so into us. his dick ws BIG AND PERFECT AND HE WAS ONE OF MY FAORITE PORN STARS WHO DID A NUMBER OF kb FILMS 5 Years ago

aside from that we felt so good during the time there and the people are so sexual that we had lots of greta sex just with eachother . IT WAS GREAT




LCC59 AKA Guapo (me) and Bonito( my boyfrind)

That's what the boys nick named us :-)


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I am SO glad you had a good time! I'm surprised they didn't have to put the two of you on an ambulance jet to get you home. You must have been exhausted! :)


Condoms: they certainly do have them in Brazil, just not in the extra-large size. Brazilian guys to whom I've given Maxx condoms were thrilled because they reached all the way to the bottom. The ordinary ones only cover maybe half of their dicks and they constantly worry about them coming off while going at it.


Finally, you forgot to mention which establishment(s) in Rio you went to. Please say which ones so the traveling public can be up-to-date!

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