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Orlando Escort Bradley? Anybody know him?

Guest DaddyWayne
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Guest DaddyWayne

I found Bradley on the Knights to Remember - Orlando Knights

exclusively gay escort referral page. I've not seen him

any place else, and he's not reviewed on these pages any

where that I can find. His listing says he's 20, 6', and 155

lbs. I was thinking of spending some time with him on my

next trip to Orlando, but was curious if anyone else had

hired him or not. I get the impression he hasn't been

escorting for very long. Anybody know him????


Thanks -- Daddy Wayne

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Unfortunately, I don't have any news for you on Bradley -- but, I noticed him too and was also interested.


If you see him, please let us know with both a review and a more timely post to this Board.

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Just a thought -- but, perhaps he is away (as in gone home) for Thanksgiving and just hasn't gotten back yet. Or, is back but hasn't managed to wade through all of his emails yet. I can relate to that one! Or, maybe he is travelling with someone over the holidays and doesn't have email access.


I obviously don't know -- but, two of my best experiences have been with people who took a little while to get back to me or where I had to make a second attempt -- while one of the worst experiences and one that was a no show were with guys who responded right away.


I read all the time that the best escorts are those who are professional about managing their communications/emails and getting right back to prospective clients. But, I have to believe that even they travel sometimes and don't always have email access. And, I imagine that some of the newer guys (possibly Bradley) aren't successful enough (yet) to afford the luxury of a Laptop for email access.


BTW.....I've also had some of them tell me that they receive so many emails that they just literally don't have time to get back to everyone. They have a hard time determining up front who is and isn't a serious prospect. Your original contact may not have looked serious enough.


Bottom line.....I'd try email again and wait a few more days before giving up.


And, perhaps we should ask this forum's users (both clients and escorts) what their experience really is with response time by escorts. Anyone else's thoughts?????



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As had been said numerous times, the top guys are very busy. They also get a lot of spam, and if you haven't met them, it may take multiple contacts. The first time I met someone it took 3 emails over 2 to 3 weeks before I got a response. It doesn't sound like this guy should be that busy yet, however the thoughts about travel, the holidays, etc. do apply. My current experience has suggested 1 to 2 days as the norm, with an occasional lapse up to a week if special circumstances apply. If he really pushes your buttons be persistant.

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