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Eric Hanson

Guest EWC
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Beware, the contact details on escorts4you.com, i.e. E-mail contact and probably phone number are not even Eric Hanson but more likely some guy just selling rip-off copies of his videos.


I contacted the AOL screename - Erichansonxxx@aol.com,and the responder did not even know Eric Hansons real first name. I have been a friend/client/admirer of Eric Hanson for almost 3 years and although we have now lost contact, my fault not his,I am

almost sure he would know the screename I use, and 100% certain he would know his own First Name..so please treat this guy/advertisment on escort4you.com with caution.


If anybody does manage to contact the real Eric please tell him his Uncle in Florida misses him greatly.

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Guest Aaron Lawrence

I met Eric Hanson a few days ago in San Diego. He's cute, but I found him to be extremely flakey and unreliable. I don't normall post this sort of thing out others, but he pulled a pretty rude stunt on me that left me in the lurch at one point. Fortunately everything wound up fine (and better for his leaving, actually), but the fact that he flaked out on me and left me in the lurch showed me that he is not to be trusted. Especially when a simple, "I need to leave, take care..." would have sufficed.


I know, I know, this isn't much of an "anti-reference." All I'm saying that is if you hire him, watch your back!



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Guest Jocoluver

I searched Los Angeles section of http://www.rentboy.com and found no listing of Eric Hanson.


Please inform how to locate/contact.


I heard sometime ago he had dropped out of escorting because he had found a sugar daddy in Beverly Hills. I sure hope he is back in circulation.

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RE: Eric Hanson-Correction/Apology


Further to my previous posting is is possible that the person on e-mail ErichansonXXX@aol.com is the genuine guy, as he has now come through with verifiable details. I am still not 100% certain though. Perhaps somebody would like to make an appointment. He is on Escorts4you site- page 16 I think of California section. He is not on RentBoy site here is a link to his 'X' pic page - If it works




E-mail and phone details are given. If anybody in LA does manage to hook-up with the guy featured and confirms it is Eric Hanson please advise us all through the Deli Message pages. We can await the review later.

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RE: Some (I hope, useful) tips about escorts4you.com



>is a link to his

>'X' pic page - If

>it works




If y'all are willing to entertain a "process comment" ... Escorts for you periodically changes part of the URL to their X rated section, which requires a mancheck number to discover. At the moment the URL provided by Uncle works, but it's likely to go stale within the next month. If you want to bookmark something that probably won't change (until "Hanson" decides to stop listing with escorts4you), substitute themen/CA for asdflkj/themen7, and you'll get the non-X rated, non-mancheck version. (It's the "asdfljk" part that is going to change)


In fact I bookmark


http://www.escorts4you.com/themen/CA/ and check it regularly, to see if anybody new or interesting is available locally (since I live in CA). You can scan pretty quickly using your browsers "find" function, like searching for 11/1. Took me all of about 20 seconds to find the one person who had been added since monday, and decide he wasn't my type!

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Guest youngblood

I saw a copy of the Playgirl with Eric on the cover, and the bio with his pictorial talked of how he loves to make love to his women! What is up with this?


I am not a regular reader of Playgirl nor usually naive, but since seeing Eric's "spread", I now wonder how many of Playgirl's models are really gay, and furthermore, how can the editorial staff justify writing these bogus bios for their unsuspecting women readers?

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