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How about a Video Game section? Gaymers?


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I really enjoy video games and would love to find some people on here that do too! 

Random Gaymer Fact - Ironically the first picture below... people in the game - straight or gay - sometimes refer to the outfit below as 'twink gear'.... because it's totally cosmetic..... its just for show.... GAYMERS did that years ago.... called it 'twink gear' and the straights started using it....

We exist....and we like making characters like this.... <grin>

He's my Barbarian in Diablo 4..... meant to take a pounding... just like me.


And here he is sans kitten outfit


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I’ll leave this for now to see too much interest there is within the community for it.  I’m a gaymer myself, but traditionally I have not seen many topics here regarding games.  If there is interest, we can give it a try. 

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I wouldn't mind such a subforum.  I haven't picked up Diablo 4 yet, but I did recently plow through Jedi: Survivor (RIP Rick the Door Technician). Mostly Xbox console here, some retro gaming, but need set up a new rig for that.

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