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Here Lies Love (Broadway Theater, NYC)

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What started at The Public 10 years ago is now a full-fledged Broadway musical, directed by Alex Timbers (Moulin Rouge) with an incredibly talented cast.

This show tells the story of Imelda Marcos, the evolving political landscape of the Philippines from 1970-1995 and what ultimately became the Marcos regime.  With shades of Evita, this show goes even further to not canonize the lead characters and give a heartbreaking, honest accounting of history.  

The whole show is set in a '70s disco.  Fully immersive.  The entire orchestra section has had the seating removed and is a full-on dance floor in which the standing audience members also move with the changing set around them.  It's bright, loud and engaging.  The music is catchy (David Byrne/Fatboy Slim) and the vocals are fantastic.

If you don't want to stand, there are several other seating options available.

This is currently in previews, but will be THE show to see when it opens.  If you can, see this production.


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