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Smaller Gay Plays/Musicals of Note in NYC

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FOXES by Dexter Flanders at 59E59 through July2
Interesting and very British slice-of-life play about two young guys finding their way to each other while also balancing the rigid moralism and homophobia within their community... Not not a coming out play. Very charismatic performances by Raphel Famotibe & Bayo Gbadamosi whose erotic connection on stage is very compelling.

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LOVE + SCIENCE by David J Glass -- at City Center, Stage II, through July 6, 2023.
A series of vivid vignettes charts the story of two young gay med students who connect while working in a retrovirology lab in NYC in the early 1980s. Very science-forward, which I found actually quite interesting/effective, but not as much interest in character development. The cast is uniformly compelling and the design is fun. Matt Walker and Jonathan Burke are really good (and very hunky) actors who lead a strong cast. (Imani Pearl Williams is a standout.) I suspect many will find much to quibble with -- the historical accuracy, the character/narrative structure, the contemporary coda -- but I really liked it and thought Matt Walker's performance to be next-level good.

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