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DenLA at Sanctuary?


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I've been to a few. Many forum members here will take issue with the disdain for condoms at these parties. Disclaimer: each time I attended I was on prep, as I am now. And I get tested frequently for everything. Gods bless the AHF. 

The first party I attended was the super bowl party. I was able to live out many of my darkest desires while the supper bowl played in the background. There was a large variety of guys there. A lot of hot muscle guys. Many of whom were getting gang banged. I admit I took a turn on a few of them. In the back there was a trough urinal. I drank the piss of this incredibly sexy muscle guy. He was obviously bulking because he had a thick layer of chub over those massive pecs and arms. It tasted sweet. In the basement a dungeon was setup where people were fucking all over. There were three guys down there I know from only fans. Fucking and sucking those hot guys I've been jerking off to for a long time was very gratifying. 

The second was at sanctuary and there were a lot of hot guys there. Less chubby guys so I felt a little out of place but I still had fun. 

These parties are NO ATTITUDE and NO Perfume/cologne/after shave! You will be thrown out. 

Be respectful. If your not into someone politely decline. 

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