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travelling to other cities


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I have a question for other working boys.

When you plan to go to a city for a working visit, do you just book a hotel and hope you get bookings, or do you line up all of your bookings and then make your flight and hotel arrangements?

Reason is because I'm looking at going to chicago, but don't know how long to make my stay.

Any insight on how others work these things is mucho appreciated.

matt(travelling circus)

wanna play on my trapeze?

or maybe watch me shoot something out of my cannon: )


[email protected]

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Matt, dear, I'm not a traveling escort but I do live in Chicago and observe (and participate in) the goings-on. Perhaps I can help you?


There are two class of traveling escorts in Chicago -- the porn stars coming into town to do shows at MansCountry, and everyone else. ;-)


For the MansCountry guys, performances are generally Friday/Saturday and MansCountry has a special apartment for housing (and playing). You can arrive early in the week and generally get the apartment for your entire stay (providing last week's guy has vacated) at no charge.


Everyone else books the hotel and places an ad in Gay Chicago Magazine (http://www.gaychicagomag.com -- a photo ad is a MUST). Length of stay varies from a few days to a week or two.


For hotels, this one is very nice, not expensive (for the area) and VERY conveniently located in the middle of Boystown:


Best Western

3434 N Broadway St

Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 244-3434


I've recommended it to several guys and they all agree it's perfect for the purpose. And I've been in several of the rooms ;-) and can vouch for its "niceness". No nosy front desk security crap, easy to get to, and an older building with lots of character (recently completely refurbished).


Do note that an escort of your "stature" will be resented by local talent. They feel you are simply dropping in to take business away from them. I say do it baby! Maybe local talent will improve! ;-)


Something tells me Chicago will not disappoint you. I know of one booking you'll have for sure! (evil chuckle)


Let me know if you need a tour guide!

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Guest ManhattanMan



The previous advice sounds pretty good! Also advertise your schedule on your website and here on HooBoy's site as well. there's a special section. Expect some disappointments (cancellations and no-shows) and some local jealosy which may or may not have to do with the no-shows! But expect some rewards too. You have a great rep.


so when's your NYC trip? :-)

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>matt(travelling circus)

>wanna play on my trapeze?

>or maybe watch me shoot something

>out of my cannon: )


Is it possible to ride your trapeze and see some shooting, both?


how about the wild animal act? Are you into taming the savage beast?


so when does the circus cum to NYC or take a side tour to Pa.

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Guest Kenneth



Don't know if you do plan to get to NYC but if you do, perhaps you would consider doing a couple of nights in Boston. Some of the above suggestions sound fine and if you do get to New York, Boston, by air, is just about 1 hr. away. You could advertise in the local gay rag "InNewsweekly" and see if you get any responses. Several escorts have done that and my understanding is that they were very successfull....Talvin DeMachio, Michael Vincenco just to name 2. I think many men would be interested in hiring you but cannot afford to "ship you in". However they would take advantage of an hour or two with you if you were in town. Think about it.

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Guest SeanAndCasey

Sean and Casey's advice


Hey Matt. We thought we would give our 2 cents on your question. What we usually do when we plan on traveling is book the flight and hotel 2 months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to set up your dates. Never ever go to a city and just hope that you will find dates. You may, but that is like gambling. Also, you have to determine how many dates you want to see a day. We never see more than 2 in order to be at our best. But I do recommend that you set up a waiting list. Inevitably there will be clients who flake out at the last minute. You can then call up these clients who did not have a date set up.

As for Chicago, we can help you out with clients in Chicago. We are not the type of guys who see another escort visiting as competition. We have escort friends from around the country visit, and we help them as much as we can. We even go so far as to list them on our website if they do not have a site. There are those in Chicago that feel threatened by out-of-town escorts. That is their perogative. Just steer clear of those. Fell free to e-mail us any questions you may have regarding escorting and Chicago.




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