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Took one for the team. Mixed review. Would I repeat? Possibly. 

The good: looks exactly like his pics. Great body, not shy with it. Good hygiene. Did what we agreed on in advance before meeting, including a couple of  items not on his “list.” Gives off a good vibe, seems like a “nice guy.” Not charging top dollar, or pushing the envelope on pricing. Didn’t just lay there, or just go through the motions. OTOH  also wasn’t the most passionate either.

The meh: my gut was right, he speaks almost no English. We used Google translate on his phone to talk. Which was partially endearing, and partially a minor inconvenience. It did limit conversation to pretty much the necessities and a few questions/ comments. I can imagine living here is difficult — unlike some who speak rudimentary English, or speak poorly, he seemed to not speak it at all. I felt for him, so tried to keep conversation to a minimum and not make him self-conscious about it. He understood a few words and some simple 3 word sentences, but nothing more complex. Did kiss a lot, but not a great kisser. Though it got better when I took control and showed him what I liked. 

The bad: when we were cuddling after, he got on his phone and was scrolling and texting. It was a minor thing, but I would have preferred his full attention, so to speak. He did sort of progress through the session a little quicker than I would like, but I did let him dictate the pace, unlike with many other others. On the other hand, once we were done, he didn’t jump up to leave and I did get my full time with him. 

I suspect a second meeting would be improved, as we know more what to expect from each other, how to communicate, and he did seem to want to give me what I wanted. I enjoyed myself, it just wasn’t a top of the line, must repeat experience either. Will I repeat? Perhaps. I’d say the pluses outweighed the minuses, and he’s worth another chance to see how/if he improves. So, at least a second meeting at some point has a chance of happening, depending on who else is available at the time, etc. 

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