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411 Thatdaddyboy now in Indy


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Has anyone seen him?

New profile as of Jan 2, 2023.  I contacted him and he said he required a deposit by CashApp to book an appointment.  He suggested I pay the whole amount upfront to make it easier.  When I wouldn’t do that, he said to pay 1/2 to book and half after the massage.  I paid 1/2 but then CashApp automatically refunded my money for my own “protection.”  He contacted me because they reversed the payment.  I asked if I could just pay cash.  He said that would be fine and gave me a time and place, but never responded to any text from me again.  His listing always says “now available.”  

I feel pretty lucky that CashApp refunded my payment.  I’m not sure all 3 of the pictures are of the same person even.  I’m too trusting of others.  I didn’t really question him too much.

Feel free to DM me if you have questions.

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