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Trevor Goes to Off-Broadway


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A 1994 short film, available on You Tube, about a 13-year old boy coming to terms with being gay is now set for a fall opening off-Broadway at the 42d Street Theater. The 1994 movie led to the creation of the Trevor Project in 1998. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.

I am not sure that I want to watch a musical(!) with a 13-year old star. But I will look to the reviews when it opens on November 10th.

(Note to moderators: If discussing a  theater production starring a 13-year old violates rules here, please delete my  thread. )




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The box office opened up last Monday and I was able to avoid ticketbastard's service fees and got better seats by buying direct.   I'm seeing the matinee saturday of Thanksigiving weekend and tickets were $109 each with no other fees for direct center a few rows back.   They had cheaper seats and looks like a small theater.   Theater is just couple doors off of ninth.


Trevor project is a great organization.   Box office couldn't tell me what %, if any, of ticket sales would go to trevor project and can't find anything on their site.   Hoping they get some of the proceeds

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I saw it Thanksgiving weekend in NYC.   I liked it because it was set in the 80s the same time I was in High School.

I think a lot of us who grew up in that time period can relate to what he's going through.   Strongly recomend seeing it, especially if you are over 45.

Music was ok but story line was really good and based on a true story.

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The show has closed early due to COVID.

Trevor: The Musical has ended its Off-Broadway run. On the morning of December 20, the show, which was originally booking at Stage 42 through April 2022, announced a closing date of January 2. Later that day, the show canceled its final two weeks of performances after Covid-19 cases were detected in the company.


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