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José Soplanucas

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Are there ways to search for all the different kinds of interactions that I have had with one particular forum member? By "interactions" I mean:

  • our "quotes" of each other
  • our posts in each other threads
  • our mutual mentions
  • our reactions to each other
  • our PMs

Hopefully some of those categories are searchable. I think Twitter used to have a function that would allow you to pull out all the public "conversations" with another particular member, but it has been gone for a long time. Or I cannot find it anymore and it is somewhere there. This is actually a very valuable capability, I am surprised that it is not offered by all social media platforms. 

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PMs is pretty easy. Just go to your messages inbox, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the search box that says, "Search Messages in this Folder." Click the little gear icon for settings and if you can click only "recipient name" and/or "sender name." Then search the name your looking for. I tried it and it brought up all my PMs for a specific escort that I messaged with before. 


Not sure about the rest, but it works pretty easily with PMs. 

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