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shampoo commercial from late70s/early 80s?.......

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I looked at youtube, but a prelim search was a failure....looking for a commercial that aired back then featuring a great-looking (at least in that commercial) female model dressed all in white in a sort of cowgirl get-up.....it was for a shampoo and she was jumping around with a hairdryer/six-gun to a very catchy tune......


I remember thinking she was hot as hell and later found out she was a moderately famous all-around model/actress at the time.....other shots of her outside the commercial were not so hot, but not bad....I just liked the sultry attitude she had in that commercial, the outfit she had on, and the tune.....


no flaming about the female stuff here!....yes, I'm here at this forum for a reason!....


thanks for your help



EDIT: see my updates below........

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hey joe....


thanks.....very close


since she has the cowgirl get-up, I think it must be the same model doing a different commercial under the same contract with Flex, which I think was the shampoo....


the specific commercial I had in mind had her sorta dancing/jumping to a cool tune while blow drying her hair....I looked in the "related videos" section, but nothing....


thanks.....you helped a lot...we're getting there




UPDATE: I think her name was/is Patti Hansen...she was in a movie called "They All Laughed" in 1981.....will look for more....thanks for putting up with my personal little search....just going down memory lane here


UPDATE: looks like she was/is Keith Richards' wife...here she is with Tommy Hilfiger



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I think you're right about Patti Henson. My very first job in NYC was working my way thru college at the ad agency who handled all the Revlon accounts, including Flex Shampoo. The "cowgirl in white" was a huge campaign of theirs, and there were a few different girls. The one I remember most was Jerry Hall, who soon married Mick Jagger.

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