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Interesting travel schedule

Guest pecluvr

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Guest pecluvr
12 hours ago, ButchAtl said:

Yep, staggering schedule: Arizona to Italy and then NYC!!   

Oh, and did you notice his one 5 star review says they didn't meet!  🤔

Yep, that's what made me lol... the zigzagging, ocean hopping travel dates. 😄

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I don't think it's real for a man to travel as much as he does. He flies from the USA to Europe and then has other flights to different countries. It's incredible, but at the same time, it's great to be able to afford such a travel schedule. I dream of visiting my friends who live in different countries. I think that besides flying, another solution can be the train. For some time now, I have been calling db auskunft for a train ticket that will allow me to visit Germany on a high-speed train.

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