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Fabulous-touch.com in LA?


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I saw this guy on Grindr today and his profile said he was a massage therapist, message him through insta for details (@cosmostouch00).  Profile said you had to message him there. 

I asked if I could just text him and he gave me the website fabulous-touch.com to Book an appt - and the site isn’t quite right. And you have to do the credit card thing to get an appt and he said “message me the receipt here on Grindr once you do it” - and of course this is a hundred red flags going up. So I said “interested in today, can I just do cash in person” and he blocked me. 

But I’m dying to know if anyone has actually Booked a session through that site? And simultaneously saying “watch out.”



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On 8/30/2021 at 6:52 AM, NotMike said:

Stay away, got hit up on Grinder same scam.  He was within a mile, in TRI State area.  They just want your credit card information.  He even asked me for a photo of my card so he could book.  I blocked him.

So glad I didn't take the risk.  He has an Insta profile as well - gonna report it as a scam.

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