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Daniel Radcliffe Nude Video from Equus on B'way

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Came across this video clip of Daniel Radcliffe's nude scene from Equus on Broadway. It's apparently shot from the one of the first couple of rows. It looks very much like the performance I saw.




Look carefully at the beginning of the clip and it's looks like he's semi-hard.



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Seaboy some of my friends went to see the play a couple of weeks ago, the only reason they went is to see Daniel nude.


Now if this was a gay themed play with two nude men, the city would of raided the place and shut them down?


What happened to no nudity in a place while selling alcoholic products? New York State Liquor Authority Law.


My strippers cant be nude while there is the selling of alcoholic products, and now God forbid they even show ass- Aka stripper in splash bar fined 888 dollars for showing full ass.


So I wonder if i do a broadway play with the them stripper boys and have them nude on stage thats allowed?


Im not bitching just making a point, DOUBLE STANDERS ALL THE TIME


Im going to see the playmyself. Maybe im wrong just venting i guess


any thoughts?



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>It's a fine play with great performances. Go see it for that,

>not the nudity which is incidental. I've seen it twice already

>and will probably go back a third time.


>Radcliffe opposite a great actor proves that he's not just a

>child star.




I firmly ditto your comments! There are other avenues where one can see nudity!

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The better quality video is available here:




It's a free (safe) download. Mac users can open it with Quick Time. Dial-up users will have to be patient.


The curious who see a slight erection make me laugh. It's difficult enough to get hard-on a porn set. Imagine standing naked in front of hundreds of strangers and concentrating on the acting. Me thinks Daniel's dick just sticks out that way, which happens to be very sexy (even though he does nothing for my libido).

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