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Poisoned Food Taints Halloween

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We can't know any more what we are eating or where it came from. Wouldn't you think that Sherwood Brands Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate Gold Coins were British or at least European? Sherwood Forest and all that. No Chinese pirate stories are there? How about Cadbury Chocolates? British, right?


Both have been recently found to contain poison from China. Concerns about Chinese based ingredients are starting world-wide worries. We saw what happened with pet food, now it's animal feed that appears contaminated. And that feed has been used world-wide. So Halloween isn't about razor blades in apples so much as it is about melamine in candies.


We may be what we eat. But with globalization, where it came from is harder to tell. One thing is clear- we wouldn't eat food if we knew its ingredients came from China, would we? If you can't answer that with a clear no, you need to read this:




(Author does not think thread is political. It is a poison warning.)

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Not to pick on the Chinese only, our own FDA has many problems in reviewing what goes in our bodies.

Here's an editorial from today's NY Times:


After reports of a possible conflict of interest, we worried that a scientific advisory panel might pull its punches in evaluating the Food and Drug Administration’s judgments on the safety of bisphenol-A, known as BPA. It didn’t.


In a devastating new report, the panel charged that a draft safety assessment prepared by the F.D.A. ignored relevant studies, used flawed methodology and created “a false sense of security” about the safety of BPA, which is found in baby bottles, plastic water bottles and the liners of cans, among other products.


The draft assessment had concluded that the small amounts of BPA that leach into milk or food are not dangerous. The advisory panel did not directly dispute this. But it left little doubt that the weight of the evidence, in its view, suggests the need for a much greater safety margin than the F.D.A. draft deemed adequate.


The United States National Toxicology Program — which considered many of the studies the F.D.A. had discounted — has expressed some concern about BPA’s safety, and Canada has moved toward banning the sale of baby bottles made with BPA. Some research suggests that BPA might cause neurological damage, accelerate puberty, interfere with chemotherapy and increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


The F.D.A.’s Science Board, an advisory group, endorsed the panel’s critique on Friday. Now it is imperative that the F.D.A. complete a more rigorous assessment. It must also consider whether to restrict some uses of BPA without waiting for further research.

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Why not pick on the Chinese? They are politically and philosophically opposed to almost every thing in the US except our dollars. But, I am not trying to start WW III with them or anyone else.


I thought many companies that use this plastic had already voluntarily stopped doing so. Is this not correct?


Unfortunately almost any thing used immoderately can be bad for one, this includes plain old water. The bottom line is every thing is a trade off generally speaking and specificially speaking downright dangerous for some, so moderation in every thing is appropriate. However, something will kill each and every one of us, it is just a matter of time or circumstance. Cheery thought, what?


Best regards,


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Guest msclonly

RE: Poisoned Food Water Air Taints our Health!


Since it is almost impossible to keep the human body free of any contaminating foods, etc., it is al the more reason to take a combination of reliable proven supplements, preferably natural, to protect the biochemistry of the body on a daily basis.

It is also a good reason to eat locally grown wholesome organic fresh foods,if at all possible.


Green teas go a long way in cleansing the body of any contaminating cnemicals, that interfere with maximum health. The key is drinking enough each day to do the job. For a few pennies a day for a teaspoon of tea leaves, that can be tnfused 3-5 times for several MUGfuls during the day, and drank even when on the computer for a uplifting refreshing healthy habit. Your complexion will develope a healthy glow as your body improves with time.


Compare that to all the Diet Colas, etc drank for several dollars a day, that have no redeeming healthy value, other then to satisfy the addiction for it! }(

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