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Think you're protected?

Guest PWIT
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Think your PC is protected just by keeping your firewall and virus scanning software protected? By not keeping all your software updated you may have vulnerabilities on your system that you would not normally expect. The link below will allow you to scan your software to see if your applications are current.




Credit the Washington Post for reference.

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:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


Thanks PWIT!


I was skeptical as I was reading the post. Having know you to be a responsible poster. i did click on the link and was brought to the site you mentioned.


I google the organization. Read some postings and blods about the services they offered. I then called some Geeks in our group and they said, "It is safe to get my puters scanned. They did warn me that the procedure or scan was far from perfect...BUT it is safe to do so!


I had my puters scanned...was told my Mozilla prgram was old and exposing me to some vulnerabilities, and there was a a better and more secure version...same comment about my SKYPE and Java programs

. All the rest were fine.


I did not subscribed though :p


Thanks, once again.:)

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>Thanks PWIT!


Your welcome. Glad it was helpful.


>I did not subscribed though :p


Neither did I. Over the years, I have become quite stingy in regard to giving out my email address. Maybe it is from having lived through the spam wars.

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