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When provider doesn't include # in RM Contact Me - Call Me Now section?

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For providers on RM for whom "Phone is not available for this user." I'm curious:

A) the usual rationales or reasonings for this (not at all questioning why one would choose not to post a # per se, I'm sure there are many valid/justified reasons, but I just haven't quite gleaned a pattern between anything like how new the provider, location, or how high profile and not posted a #. it just seems like some do not list a contact # but are indeed pretty active)

B) How you suggest making contact? Through the messenger or if there's a twitter linked through the DM there or other platforms linked? 

C) Is there a slightly different approach or etiquette? Like, might these providers have more of a vetting process?

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When I first started, I freely put my phone number and got slammed with bullshit from every angle. Yes, there were legit clients interested in meeting (how I cultivated regulars) but lots of random 3;48 AM texts and calls about nothing.

  Fast forward to today, I have a few causal ads up for shits & giggs and while I was more aggressive when I first started, it's refreshing to set up contact parameters on one's own terms.  Perhaps this escort thinks along the same lines?

Maybe he is looking for social media followers, activity on twitter? No idea.  But if he's someone you're into and want to spend time with, sounds like you might have to contact him via those methods. It might be a good way for him to vett clients as well.  If/when you make contact, let us know! :classic_tongue:



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