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Andrew Justice


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Last year he posted in this thread that he was back on a limited schedule with regular local clients and those that were visiting his city. I'd suggest try reaching out to his email posted in that thread and hopefully he responds. He doesn't have an ad so that's the best way.


andrewjustice said:
Thank you for the kind words. Yes i have been seeing a few regular local clients and those that are coming to Peoria that have messaged me. I have not decided yet if I will advertise again. But am seeing clients, but have limited availability with my 9-5 job. Send me an email and we can work something out.


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I reached out to Andrew through that email address and got no reply. I’m not “local” so maybe that’s why. In any case, I follow him on social media and it looks like he has found a nice quiet life away from the traveling escort scene, so to speak, and I respect that. While I miss seeing him, I wish him the best. He’s one of the good guys. 

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