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Has anyone seen the movie....

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I'm a super dem... and had very high expectations that it would get me charged up. About 40 minutes into it my friends asked if i was liking it. Asked if it was the next day cause it felt like we were in there hours! not minuets.


some funny parts and some real sad political operations. wait for the DVD.

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"W." is no "JFK." But, then again, how could it be?


The film is odd. There were plenty of moments when one could easily mistake the film for an episode of SNL. The laughter in the audience (when there shouldn't be any) sure indicated as much.


Brolin, Dreyfuss, and Toby Jones were the most impressive. Thandie Newton's Condoleeza was the most peculiar performance to watch.


The most difficult aspect of this film: leaving the theater and pondering with sincere seriousness how voting Americans can be so stupid, twice, or so scared.

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I saw the movie and agree pretty much with what has been said.


What was with the Condoleezza Rice portrayal? It was creepy to say the least. I thought most of the other actors tried to do authentic portrayals, but the Rice character was certainly a caricature.


Oliver Stone is a great director. I wonder why he would choose to have Rice portrayed in this manner.

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