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HIV Vaccine Trials

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The goal of the trial is to evaluate the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity (its ability to provoke an immune response) of the HIVconsvX vaccine.


Thirteen healthy, HIV-negative adults, aged 18-65 and considered not to be at high risk of infection, will initially receive one dose of the vaccine, followed by a further booster dose after four weeks.

The mosaic vaccine targets a broad range of HIV-1 variants, making it potentially applicable for HIV strains in any geographical region.

Trials of the vaccine will also start in Kenya, Zambia and Uganda, it is understood.

Prof Tomas Hanke, professor of vaccine immunology at the Jenner Institute, and lead researcher on the trial, said: "An effective HIV vaccine has been elusive for 40 years.

"This trial is the first in a series of evaluations of this novel vaccine strategy in both HIV-negative individuals for prevention and in people living with HIV for cure."



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@BuffaloKyle is right, MRNA technology has been in development for decades, and found the perfect application at the perfect time (meaning, the technology was tested and proven) with the COVID pandemic.   There are dozens of other clinical trials in progress using MRNA to attack other diseases...including HIV and some forms of cancer.  MRNA is a major game changer, 10 years from now we will have vanquished many diseases and slowed and impact of many more.  The early evidence behind the MRNA/HIV vaccine is very promising for both prevention AND as an (almost) cure for HIV.   Early trials did not remove the virus entirely from the body, but eliminated the ability of the virus to attack the immune system.   HIV basically becomes impotent.  We may be on the cusp of the end of the HIV pandemic!   Fingers crossed!

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