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Mason Wyler Raped

Guest strawberrymelon
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Guest josephga

He looks pretty ruffed up in those photos. But I think his own blog would make for great evidence for a defense attorney. He posts the story's as if its coming from a news report then admits he wrote that part himself. If its true and he was really raped he just blew it with those blog and myspace posts.

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I sincerely hope it didn't happen and if it did I hope he's alright and doing well but there are too many oddities. He wrote the "news story" himself and something like this would have made national news. An army captain raping a gay porn star? Even during an election no station would pass on something this "juicy."


Especially given the way anonymous comments are handled on blogger, I find them annoying but in this case I hate to say it but it hits the nail on the nose with regard to confirmed rape victims:


"Anonymous Anonymous said...


Interesting that you've been busy deleting all the postings that expose your story as fake.


First, if the police filed a report and charged someone, they would obviously know the name of the guy they were charging, and so it would be available to you. You would have no reason to protect the identity of someone who raped you.


Secondly, as has already been pointed out, the DA you quoted isn't even in Texas. I notice you've now changed the name of the DA in question to someone that doesn't exist.


Third, there are NO news reports whatsoever of anyone being raped by an army officer. If the article were true, this would at least be all over the regional news, and would most likely be national news.


I have contacted Army authorities, and the DA's office that would *actually* be responsible for such a case, if it were real.


At the point you write a false story complete with the names of public officials and attribute completely false and fabricated quotes to them, you have committed a crime. Likewise, when you knowingly make maliciously false representations that are damaging to the US Army, you have also committed a crime.


Claiming a false rape is the lowest of the low. It is insulting and demeaning to those who have actually suffered from a rape. Rape isn't something fun to fantasize about, or to post fake stories about. It is a crime of violence that causes near-permanent, often nearly irreparable damage to those who suffer from it.


To make light of the traumatic experiences that thousands of individuals suffer to try and generate cheap publicity for yourself is one of the lowest, most despicable acts one can do.


I hope that you get charged and punished. You're simply pathetic."


So again, I sincerely hope this didn't happen but it certainly reeks of publicity stunt since those pictures could easily be done with makeup. Where were the "other" pictures of all this havoc in his apartment?


Unfortunately my analysis of this might be skewed since Mason (and I've confirmed by industry people that have used him for shoots these were his phone number) and I have tried to meet up to fool around twice and one time played a game and the other time flaked. Upon meeting in person he claimed it was his psycho ex bf but one of the times I was speaking directly to him.


Given the specificity of his past fantasies, the missing details, the lack of anything beyond what he could fabricate himself and the "set up" on his blog days before with the,


"My number is in the wallet, call me. I'd be more than willing to give you a handsome reward. Any ideas of what that reward should be?"


It seems like an elaborate porn fan fiction. I feel awful for him if this is true as nobody should go through such a thing. But this isn't even a mater of crying wolf, things just don't add up.


Mason, if you're reading and the rape happened then I'm genuinely sorry. Just realize if you're going to make yourself a subject of public scrutiny like this then be ready for the backlash (lord knows I've been dealing with it enough) and able to explain yourself when questioned.


Your explanation blog about cops who were giving you shit sounds like what could possibly happen but regardless there would still be a legal paper trail. Your readers are imploring you to do the right thing by going public because at this point what would you have to lose? It would put all doubt to rest and get such horrible people put behind bars. But if there's no evidence to go public with, there's no case. No system in America is so corrupt to cover something like this up.

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If the rape was reported to the Houston Police and being investigated by the Houston Police and the Harris County Sheriffs Office, then why is the police report he posted as evidence from the Dallas Police?




- Jason Carter - Dallas, TX

- jasoncarter53@hotmail.com

- (972) 365-0120

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Here's an article from AVN on the subject:



The details as reported by AVN are substantially different from how Mason reported it on his blog along with an explanation from Wyler about why he changed those details.


I'm very sorry about what happened to him. It doesn't matter what your occupation or fantasies are, non-consensual sex is rape and it's an experience no one should have to endure. And then, to add insult to injury, some of the comments posted on his blog and elsewhere have just been plain nasty.


There's no doubt that Mason did himself no favours the way he reported this on his blog. While it's understandable that he would want to withhold some of the details to protect his privacy and that of his boyfriend, his decision to falsify that info, then revise it and provide bogus supporting information only added fuel to the fire. I really hope Mason makes the effort to get the proper medical and legal counseling he'll need to get through this.



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I can understand him wanting to blog about it, especially given the unsympathetic response he got from the authorities. But if he wanted to keep the location and date and other details private, he should have just said so rather than supplying false information which then made his whole experience seem suspect...

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