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O.J. = Orange Jumpsuit

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Guest zipperzone

Well now - who would have thunk it?


The big question now is how much time will he get? My money is on a short term, no way will he get life.

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According to the Nevada criminal code, the possible sentences are:


For kidnapping in the first degree: Life with the possibility of parole after five years, or for a definite term of 15 years with eligibility for parole after five years.


For robbery: A minimum 2 years and a maximum of 15 years (Note: the degree of force used here is apparently immaterial to the sentence.)



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Funny.. I did watch part of the Trail..And ALL of the Commenting Lawyers kept saying that the Prosecution does not have enuff proof! Their Witnesses are shady Blah-Blah !


Well I guess better "Late than Never" BUT unfortunately I still think it will also be "To Little To Late"!


He's an arrogant Bastard so I'm thinking he may meet his Fate in Jail.. eventually! ;-)

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