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just an ordinary day at the office

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well the subject is not completely correct. A better title would be just an "ordinary" day back home from the office. A couple of weeks ago i walked to the subway station after a day of hard working at the office. While crossing the parking lot in front of the station i saw a couple at the backseat of a car having a very private moment. I couldn't help it but i had to take a closer look in the car. They didn't seem to be surprised that i took a closer look and the guy (by the way he had an amazing body and other physique)invited me to come in. That offer surprised even me very much (you can't shock me very easy) but to my regret i had to say no for this offer and got my way back to the subway. Next day some people at the office said: you can't guess what i saw yesterday. Well i could guess but i was glad that i didn't say yes to the invitation. The talk of the town would have been a little different then that day.

Or do you guys think that i made the wrong dicision?

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I am not sure that I understand your underlying motive here. I am not especially trying to be picky but some things you write are suggestive.


This "couple" having a "private moment". It doesn't seem very private even for you, never mind all your co-workers who also saw it. Were you interested in "coming in"? It seems obvious from your use of a singular pronoun that this was one guy and one "other" aka a woman. What were your prospects? Having a public private moment with him or them or her?


To which decision are you referring? The one to become a public spectacle and the talk of the town or some other one?


Does it seem as though I am picking on you? I suppose I could be.


Best regards,


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Once when I was out walking the dog in a cul de sac, a van ahead was bouncing a bit. When I got up to it, a hot guy showed me his hard cock, asked me to get in and fuck him. I said no (what was I to do with the dog?) and walked away. I have no doubt he was pretty high on something.

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