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Do you think this is real ?

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Not real, sexxy guys though!


The guys are wearing "Sigma Phi" t-shirts...which

look like they were designed by an 8-year-old.

Also, on the wall, there is a wooden plaque behind

the guys that says Sigma Phi in the middle with

Omega Delta at the top on the upper left and right

and Delta Psi on the bottom on the lower left and

right. All of that is just random crap.


Someone who was actually in a college fraternity

could have done a more realistic job of faking the

whole scene, but this is just about cute guys

getting naked, not about fooling anyone, really.


I doubt anyone cares, but the real Sigma Phi is

small and exclusive at only 12 universities,

and is among the oldest college social

fraternities for men, not an Animal House

type of atmosphere. Apparently some of

their chapter houses are state landmarks,

but again who cares how upper crusty the

actual fraternity is. These aren't real

members of Sigma Phi.


I wonder if there are any real videos of REAL

gay fraternity action, though....just like with

the wrestlers from Nebraska who posed nude,

any fresh footage could cause a little drama.

SLURPPPP! Bring it on!


If any of them gets kicked out, I'm sure a

few of us could provide a warm, loving home :O)



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Guest zipperzone

My guess would be that they ARE straight. If they were gay they would look much more relaxed about the whole thing. These guys make it look like an ordeal.

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I tend to agree with you. Though it may be possible to get frat guys to

do anything with enough beers, I'm guessing these guys are gay or bi.

I don't know who much they were paid.

Straight guys, asked to have gay sex, in front of a camera for the

first time ? ;-)

Not sure.

Maybe lots and lots of beer. or a couple hundred dollars.

or as the web site claims, sex with a real female porn star which

the web site also claims to show.

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This video is also on Xtube under the title "Gay Chicken." The video maker has several clips on Xtube under the user name of gymfrat69. I don't care if the frat stuff is real or fake, the guys are hot.


Here's a few of the links:


Five Str8 Guys Fuck (Warning there's a female in this clip }( )




How to Seduce a Str8 Guy




Bait-N-Switch Gloryhole





Bromance (To me this is the funniest vid on Xtube...you'll see why.)



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Guest ryan2552

I don't feel its real. They don't show any legitimate affect.


Also, every video on that site is an affiliate ad like this, for example, http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=931787-0000&PA=1806295&BAN=0


If you want to watch some free porn check out the blogs or go to xtube.com or even pornotube.com. Plus you'll have a better opportunity finding real amateur video on those sites over rockettube.com

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This is the first time I've seen or heard of that game called "Gay Chicken", but there are tons of vidoes on YouTube featuring hot (probably drunk) straight guys playing the game.


Is this Gay Chicken thing new?




p.s. Don't ask me to play...I would certainly lose. :)

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